The cultivation of melons in the open ground

The cultivation of melons in the open ground

Flavorful and healthy melon, it turns out, is a real «capricious».

Therefore, gardeners have to work hard before enjoy the harvest.

First and foremost, you should take into account information about what beds are best to grow melon.

Requirements for the garden

The soil in the garden must be sandy and loose, and the plot – well lit.

Even better, if the bed will be located slightly tilted in the South side.

Don’t forget that you can not grow after the melon and pumpkin crops. But if before the garden grew beans or corn, this would be the best option.

Features of cultivation of a melon

Not recommended to plant melon seeds directly into the soil, it is better to grow seedlings. Seeds must undergo traditional training, after which they germinated in damp sawdust. As soon as the seed afoot, it is planted in a plastic Cup with soil.

The seedlings To the garden of melons are planted in the month after shoots appear. Prior to that, the cups kept on a well lit windowsill (or in warm greenhouses) during the procedure of the dive.

A bed for growing melon is prepared in such a way that between them was maintained for a distance of 80 cm Plants have to each other half a meter.

Care melon

To get a decent crop of melons, observe the requirements of the care culture.

  • Watering is the factor that can lead to death of the culture during cultivation, if it overdo it. Melon does not like excessive moisture, especially in cold days. But the water still need, though rarely, but abundant (depending on soil conditions).


  • Dressing is divided into stages, and to do them:


  • first phase – before the budding melons paid organic (slurry);


  • the second phase is after the first harvest are added to the soil phosphorus-potassium fertilizer or wood ash;


  • the third phase is the same fed fertilizer culture during mass fruiting.


  • Prosivane necessary to improve the quality of the fruit grown melons. When the main whip made of 1 m is required to remove the apical Bud. Further on the stem leaves no more than 6 fruits. If feature grown varieties are small melons, then whip you can hold up to 8 PCs.

 Useful facts

The cultivation of melons in the open ground

  • If melon is not grown on the dacha, and for them, a whole plantation, it is necessary to consider the fact that one place to plant pumpkin from year to year is not recommended – the culture will be more likely to get sick, and the fruits will taste good. So the plot is recommended to be split into sectors, each of which is a melon plant 1 every 7 years.


  • After the pumpkin, the melon is not cultivated, but to cultivate on the rootstock. The fruits become more interesting flavors and aromatic characteristics.


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