The cultivation of melons in the greenhouse in the country

the cultivation of melons

This vegetable until recently were considered exotic to the areas of risk farming.

Modern gardens quite often you can find this melon culture.

The cultivation of melons in the greenhouse in the country, thanks to the work of breeders, they brought varieties of different regions, can afford a summer cottage.

To grow cantaloupe you can not only in the greenhouse, but also outdoors if the summer is hot and dry.

In the cold and damp summer harvest on the street is very difficult, and in some areas actually not possible. This culture likes light, rich in organic non-acidic soil and dry heat.

Growing melons in a greenhouse

Good neighbors for the cultivation of melons in the greenhouse tomatoes and peppers that also do not like humid climate.

Seeds must be chosen from varieties suitable for your area. For the Northern regions, better suited varieties are early maturing (Altai, Samara, the Novelty of the don), and warmer mid-season (Farmers, Dessert).

The soil in the greenhouse for growing melons have to cook in the fall. On

growing melons in a greenhouse

the site for planting make 6kg. of peat, manure or a mix of the compost heap (based on one plant), and then dug up the ground to a depth of 30-35cm.

Closer to spring to warm the soil surface can be covered with black tape that will reduce the emergence of weeds. Seeds it is desirable to use a 2-3 year old.

Annual give mostly male flowers, and this affects the decrease of productivity. To succeed, probably, to grow melons better seedling method.

For stimulation of growth of seeds, they can be soaked for 12 hours in a 0.05% solution of boric acid.

Swollen seeds for hardening is placed into the refrigerator under the freezer and allowed to stand for 3 days at a temperature +1-0 ° C.

The prepared material at a temperature of 25-27 º C., germination in 4-5 days. You can do without training, then the seedlings emerge in 10-12 days.

For seedling, the swollen seeds should be planted in peat pot, which later will be planted in the greenhouse in a permanent place. This can be done with the appearance of the 5th leaf.

When planting seedlings, carefully incise the wall of the pot so the root system will develop better. The soil is not uplotnaet, but just a sprinkle.

When planting seedlings of melon stick a distance of 50 cm between plants. When growing melons in the greenhouse in the country, it is necessary loosening the soil to a depth of 8 cm, and the stem to 20cm.

It is impossible to prevent formation of a crust after watering. The main stem Spud. After the formation of the whips they need pinched, leaving one fruit on the scourge of 5-6 leaves.

In varietal melons pinch out the Central stem to form side. In the Northern regions it is more expedient to leave one lash with one ovary.

In a Sunny and hot day ventilate the greenhouse. After the formation of the fruit, place them under the boards, so they are not lying on the ground.

Water melons should be warm water. The melon provides a feeding of fertilizer.

Before the formation of flowers, once a week watering azofoski (3 tablespoons in a bucket of water), 500 ml for each plant.

During fruit watered with a solution of 1tbsp.l. superphosphate and 2st. L. of potassium sulfate per 10 liters

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