The cultivation of flower seedlings

The cultivation of flower seedlings

New summer season for each grower usually starts with sowing seeds, including flower.

Who enjoys gardening, knows that the process of growing flowers from seed is exciting and challenging enough.

All flower crops against low temperatures are divided into three groups: cold-hardy (hardy), polovinnoye and thermophilic.

First can withstand frost, can be sown in the open ground.

The second is able to withstand short-term fall of temperature. They can also be sown in the open ground in the first half of may, or slightly later, depending on the region and night temperatures.

Flowers of the third group even at short-term and minor reduction in temperature can die. Therefore, all heat-loving species are grown only seedling method in greenhouses.

It is also possible to grow seedlings of flowers in greenhouses and cold-resistant and Polovinkina plants, especially those with long vegetation period.

The cultivation of flower seedlings


Sowing seedlings

Many flowers in the period from sowing to flowering different, therefore they are also conventionally divided into several groups: First – 130-180 days to flowering occurred in early summer, planting in December, January (begonia, verbena, Petunia, Lobelia, cineraria).

The second is 100-120 days, sowing time March (Anthurium, ageratum, Phlox, callistephus).The third up to 70 days, they can be sown seedlings in April, may (marigold, godetia, delphinium, escholtzia).

Planting methods seedlings of flowersis done Correctly, the sowing of flower seeds makes optimum use of the soil for high-quality development of seedlings. For growing seedlings using seed randomly, and hardly female. The first two are used more often.

Sowing broadcast is well suited for small seeds. This method is often used in pots, boxes. It is convenient to use special tools, manual drills, which are sold in specialized stores.

For large seeds the best would be drill seeding, which is used in a greenhouse or a greenhouse.

Using a wooden Board full of nails at the same distance from each other, scheduled place of landing of the colors. This method allows you to sow the seeds at the same depth.

The cultivation of flower seedlings

In phase two cotyledon leaves of the seedlings. Transplanting seedlings, we increase the area of power plants for better development of the aerial part. When you pick a root system pruned to 2-5cm.

After transplanting, the seedlings are sprayed with a spray bottle with warm water and cover glass on 2-3 for

The cultivation of flower seedlings


Before planting plants in the open ground seedlings should be hardened, there is a short air bath, opening the frame in a greenhouse, each day increasing the time.

Seedlings of flowers grown in greenhouses, require special care, especially watering, because their fibrous root system can extract moisture from deep layers of the earth.

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