The cultivation of eustoma seeds

the cultivation of eustoma seeds

Not infrequently, the cultivation of eustoma causes difficulties for novice gardeners.

Especially it is not always possible to hold the flowers through the dormant period, plants may die, get new flowers will not succeed.

In this case, you will have to re-plant the seeds of eustoma and go all the way from seedlings to adult plants.

If you want to increase the number of plants, you may also need reproduction eustoma seeds to not buy planting material, it would be good to get their quality seeds eustoma.

The cultivation of eustoma seeds

Eustoma seeds are sown on the substrate surface are neutralized, preferably under glass or film. The ambient temperature when grown from seed eustoma must not exceed 25°C.

The first seedlings usually appear in about a week, the optimum temperature for planting should be between 20°C — 24°C. the Seedlings of eustoma develops slowly.

The film is not immediately clear within 2-days young seedlings should adapt to the environment.

Swordplay seedlings of eustoma carried out in 1.5 – 2 months after ladder

the cultivation of eustoma seeds

grows up to 2 cm.

Seedlings are seated in individual pots for a few pieces, usually 3-5.

After the pick, the seedlings are placed for the first time in partial shade, the temperature should be maintained around 18°C.

If eustoma is planned to grow as a perennial plant, after the extension will have to replant the flowers in a container bigger, but be very careful with all the clod of earth.

The root system of these colors are very delicate. Eustoma growing from seed as annuals, re-transplantation is not needed.

Growing from seeds of eustoma, the most reliable method, since the division of the Bush on delenki usually lead to the death of the flowers, as already mentioned, these plants are sensitive to the damage of the root system.

Eustoma cuttings do not root.

the cultivation of eustoma seeds

Flowering of eustoma grown from seed occurs within 4 months after the first germination, but the timing depending on the planted variety, may slightly deviate in one direction or another.

If you plan to plant seedlings of eustoma in the garden in the country, sowing the seeds start in the winter.

For growing from seed eustoma in the home or in warm greenhouses, sowing

the cultivation of eustoma seeds

it does not matter, flowers can be grown all year round.

For example, to obtain cut flowers eustoma in June, sowing of seeds are produced in October of last year.

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