The cultivation of eggplant in the open field and sowing

the cultivation of eggplant in the open field

Eggplant is very heat-loving, so the place to grow this plant is protected from winds, warmed and well-lighted.

A good protection for growing eggplantscan be a belt of planting along the perimeter of beans or peas.

It is better to plant in place of last year’s cucumbers, cabbage, beans.

Sowing eggplants in open ground in early June, when the threat of frost gone.

But the ground for the planting of eggplants to cook in the fall. Digging the earth for the whole bayonet of shovel, removing the roots of weeds.

Is added to manure, fresh fall, rotted in the spring. Peat, sawdust making in the fall. Generally favorable soil for growing eggplant loam and sandy loam. If the soil is heavy, it is necessary to prepare.

On land for growing eggplants in open field at 1m. kV 1vedro make humus, and 1dedro peat, add a little coarse river sand, sawdust.

Well for the growth of eggplant to make the soil on 1 m 400 g ash and 100 of the potassium salt.

In the spring the area again perekidyvaetsya in may, and to the appropriate sowing time of the eggplant, the ground is cultivated several times.

Eggplants are planted in open ground at a distance of 40 cm between plants in the row and 60 cm between rows. Outdoors grow only early maturing varieties of eggplant.

In the cultivation of eggplant in the open field to monitor the condition of the soil.

After the rain, as soon as a little dry, the plants need to be podrujit. Eggplants love moisture, so they need systematic watering warm (20C) water.

The first time feed in the same way as in the greenhouse at 10-15 days after transplanting eggplants slurry.

The second feeding is carried out on day 20 after the first. The third time the eggplants are fed at the beginning of fruiting.

Urea 70g, 60g superphosphate and potassium chloride 20 g per 10 liters of water. After fertilization the mandatory watering with clean water.

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