The cultivation of eggplant in the greenhouse

the cultivation of eggplant in the greenhouse

Guaranteed harvest of eggplants in most parts of Russia can only be obtained when growing them in the greenhouse, because in the open ground because of lack of heat is technically the ripe fruit can not be formed.

Soil mix for growing eggplant in a greenhouse made of peat, humus and turfy land (1:6h:4h, respectively).

Also the mixture preferably enriched with mineral fertilizers. Superphosphate 4kg, 1kg potassium salt, and 5 kg of ash per 1 sq. m. the Depth of the prepared soil should be more than 15cm.

In greenhouses for the cultivation of eggplant are planted mostly middle-ripening varieties. The period of planting seedlings of eggplant at the beginning of mid-may, as long as the soil is warmed up to 15C. In a heated early. The seedling is planted under the scheme 40x60cm.

Growing eggplant in a greenhouse requires the maintenance of temperature, feeding, protection from pests and diseases.

Before planting seedlings of eggplant in the greenhouse the entire length you need to pull the cords, the number of ridges, at a distance of 70cm from each other. Under the cords at a distance of 40cm prepared hole to a depth of 10cm. Then all wells of the shed.

Water consumption for each well about 2litrov. In the resulting mash is placed the peat pots with seedlings to 4cm deeper soil, and sides tightly compress the mixture. On top of the seedling peat spiked with a height of 5cm.

Watering eggplants in the greenhouse regularly, avoiding drying of the soil. Do not forget to ventilate the greenhouse.

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