The cultivation of cabbage seedlings

the cultivation of cabbage seedlings

The cultivation of cabbage seedlings begins with the preparation of boxes and soil for seeds.

If you fall do not prepared the soil in which the seedling sprouts, you can buy in the store.

This mixture poured into the box and leveled. The level is slightly above the middle.

Prepared cabbage seeds laid on the soil surface. The distance between rows of about 3cm.

Next, seeds are buried in the soil with a height of 0.5 – 1 cm. Well watered with water at room temperature, so as not to blur the seeds of cabbage, and covered with glass or polythene.

After sowing it is possible to carry out mulching with peat. Boxes put in a warm place 23-25C. The seedlings should emerge in 5-7 days. As soon as the seedlings are removed and put glass boxes with future seedling in a cool and bright place.

The temperature is maintained at about 15C, and at night 6 – 10C. Is done to the seedlings of cabbage were not stretched and were sturdy and stocky. In these circumstances, the future cabbage seedlings must be grown to pick.

Swordplay seedlings of cabbage provoditsya the appearance of 1 — 2 of leaves. Sets the cabbage seedlings in individual pots, well if they are to flourish. The process of picking the best spend for the strengthening and development of the root system.

During picking, if a lot of seedlings, select the most strong and healthy seedlings, the rest discarded.

The cultivation of cabbage seedlings

Once the cabbage seedlings have taken root and started to grow, it must feed slurry, diluted with water 1:5.

The cultivation of cabbage seedlings also includes tracking, so she doesn’t get stretched. Therefore, in the warm, frost-free days, the cabbage seedlings need to stand on the balcony and in the evening entered the apartment.

About a week before transplanting cabbage in the ground her temper. For this cabbage seedlings grown in the flat, put on a balcony or in not heated greenhouse. Greenhouse or greenhouse remain in a ventilated mode.

When growing seedlings of cabbage, two weeks after the first feeding, you can hold a second. Ingredients: mullein, diluted with water 1:5 and 6g of superphosphate per 1 liter of water.

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