The cultivation of cabbage in the country

the cultivation of cabbage

Cabbage vegetable is rich in Vitamin U, which is anti-ulcer.

Cabbage juice is recommended for prevention and treatment of gastritis, gastric ulcer, colitis and duodenal ulcer.

Also cabbage helps to eliminate cholesterol from the human body.

The cultivation takes place cabbage seedlings and nonseedlings way. Seedlings are usually grown early varieties of cabbage, later in the southern regions nonseedlings.

Cabbage vegetable relates to cold-resistant plants, although prolonged exposure to low temperatures can lead to death of cabbage.

The cultivation of cabbage. Soil preparation.

When growing cabbage, you need to prepare the soil. Fall plot in the garden for planting dug up and eliminate the weeds.

In the spring before planting, make a mixture of dung – peat compost (10 liters per 1 kV.m.) and 2st. wood ash.

The area under cultivation of cabbage, choose a Sunny and open. The best precursors for these crops are: onions, cucumbers, potatoes, root vegetables.

The cultivation of cabbage

Ready cabbage seedlings to plant in the afternoon or cloudy weather. Lay it in the prepared hole and abundantly shed water.

Thereafter, the cabbage with more potting mixture to the level of the cotyledons, while in no event it is impossible to fill the tip of the growth point.

Hands good giving the ground around the seedlings. After planting cabbage in the open ground it for 10-14 days abundantly watered every two days.

If the weather is Sunny, hot, the seedlings need to close from the burning rays, not yet accustomed.

The cultivation of cabbage is the plant nutrition. 15 days after planting you can fertilize slurry, diluted with water (1:5).

Don’t forget to loosen the earth, and after the formation of heads, Spud. A second foliar application should be held in the beginning of the formation of heads of cabbage, with the same solution with the addition of wood ash 40g.

The cabbage crop is removed as maturation of each head separately.

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