The content of turkeys at home

The content of turkeys at home

Turkeys are grown in the garden mainly for their meat, which refers to a dietary group.

The contents of turkeys is not troublesome and does not hit on the wallet.

Bird weight gain in a relatively short time.

With good feeding the adult male can weigh from 10 to 13 kg, and if the breed is a heavy weight, it can reach from 18 to 25 kg.

Turkey weighs several times less, but carries the eggs of the year from 50 to 100 pieces. Although it should be said that egg production isn’t in demand. Basically leave the eggs for breeding.

The contents of turkeys

Content turkeys is minimized because of the special care they do not need. Novice growers, it is not advisable to buy day-old Chicks, because if they do not give heat, they can die. Also they are afraid of dampness and therefore unable to get sick often.

In the winter you need to build a shed and close the side. Floor covered with straw. The contents of turkeys in the winter requires good lighting.

The room should be dry and free of draughts, but ventilation needs to be organized. Floors should be insulated deep litter.

It is important to regularly remove the droppings, because they released ammonia can badly affect the health of the birds.

Turkeys are afraid of not only cold, but also sharp jumps of temperature. In the shed in winter the temperature should not be below -8°C. it is Also need to build the feeder, put the waterers so that access to them was free.

In order that the birds could rest, they need roosts. They are fixed at a distance of 45 to 60 cm from the floor. For one bird width not less than 40 see the Footage needs to match the number of turkeys, so they sit freely.

The contents of turkeys in the summer does not require special conditions. It is necessary to say that turkeys need a spacious aviary in the crowd they don’t like.

These birds prefer to move a lot, so if possible go for a walk away from the house. And soon the sun returned. But you can build a range.

Its area must be such that a single bird has got not less than 1.5 sq. m. over the whole area of paddock is possible to plant alfalfa and clover. These herbs are very useful for birds.

It might be nice if the paddock will be located under the trees that the turkeys can hide from the heat. From the owner required only the timely feeding. When a good feed and abundant greenery pasture birds will grow quickly with minimal cost.

Feeding the important point that applies especially to Chicks. The basis of the diet should be cereals. This is buckwheat and oats, which are a kind of energy food.

The content of turkeys at home

The protein contained in the waste of flax, soybean, sunflower etc. also need to give fish meal, which should be 10% of the diet. But if there is vitamins and mineral supplements, you can decrease to 3-5%.

Fats are necessary for energy, but the percentage should be between 3.5 to 4.5. If more, then the younger turkeys will be slow to grow. Also turkeys can give acorns. They are happy to eat.

Carbohydrates are also needed. They are in greens, hay and grain crops.

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