The content of the quails at home

The contents of quails

The content of the quails at home is that they are much easier to grow than other birds.

If the number of birds is insignificant, they may contain even in a small apartment, for example, on the balcony.

For birds it is not difficult to care for, but certain conditions of quails should be carried out unambiguously.

This includes temperature and light, and balanced protein and of course vitamins and minerals complex food.

The contents of quails

The first time of these kept in a spacious box. The height of the walls should be such that the Chicks couldn’t get out of it. The top should be covered with gauze or mesh, so they do not become the prey of a cat, as well as quail can easily get into any gap.

Kids need to maintain a temperature between 36 and 38° C by the time Chicks reached two weeks of age.

Next 3-4 weeks you can start to prepare the Chicks for release. At this time, the temperature should be reduced gradually. Lighting need Chicks for the first couple of weeks. Then it is possible to transfer to normal mode.

Feeding quail — birds

From the beginning of the content of quail should be given vitamins, minerals and protein. From the 3rd day after birth, Chicks are fed with chopped egg, which is poured into a low flat dish.

After about four days you can start giving cheese, special food for these and corn grits. 8 day diet includes feed for calves. At the age of 20-28 days of moving to the feeding diet for adult birds.

The drinker needs to be evacuated, and always with boiled warm water. For preventive purposes during the first few days of life the birds give a solution of chloramphenicol. After about 2 months the growth of the birds stops, and 40-50 days quail be included in the period of puberty. Now they can lay eggs.

Feeding of adult quail

Feeder and drinker it is best to put outside the cell, but in this place, to quails freely approached them. Well if feeding birds

The contents of quails

stick his head through the bars. Thus, the section remains clean and spending much of the feed is saved.

Feeding quail is held on the day 2 or 3 times, but regularly. For one bird is enough to 30 grams of feed.

Specifically for females typically acquire finished feed intended for laying hens.

Quail is with great pleasure that eat greens, chopped vegetables, sprouted grains, seeds.

The content of the quails at home provides for the mandatory addition to food of boiled fish and bone or fish meal, at least twice a week.

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