The content of the chickens

the content of the chickens

Breeding chickens on the dacha in the summer, and some do it year-round, without a serious investment of time and effort, allowing you to period the hens always have fresh meat and eggs.

You don’t have to build complex structures for growing chickens and to look for scarce food.

The content of the chickens

Poultry-chickens occur in two types: the first carries a white egg and created based on breed Leghorn», the second brown, involved chicken breed «new Hampshire», «Rhode island».

Breeds of chickens carrying the white eggs belong to the egg direction, and the brown meat-and-egg, although the weight of eggs is greater.

So, as mentioned of hens in the country will not be very difficult. Under the house is possible to equip any room, just a roof and walls.

The only thing that may need to build a patio mesh netting for walks.

Adult hens lay eggs in the range from -2°C to +27°C. At lower temperatures the hens require feed half as much, and they stop laying, and if at a higher temperature, they lose their appetite and are eggs without shell and starts the weight loss.


Room for hens set wooden perches from bars or poles with a diameter of 50mm., at the height of 0.8 – 1m.

If the coop has no artificial lighting, sat should be in front of the Windows. In the house should be free of drafts, with adequate ventilation.

In the opposite side, made nests for eggs socks. Under them you can use wooden boxes at the rate of one for 4 hens.

On the floor is mounted a feeder, they must be deaf low side, then the chickens access to food will be free, and feed wastage is minimal. For keeping chickens also need water constant access.

Meat-egg breeds of chickens start laying eggs from 6 months of age, and

the content of the chickens

eggs out of 4. since that period, the duration of daylight shall not exceed 16 hours, and be at least 14 hours.

If the main objective of raising chickens, getting the eggs as the Chicks grew up, they selected the roosters for meat, for the production of dietary eggs they are not needed, for they will carry even better. Roosters are only needed for breeding chickens.

However, the presence of a rooster chicken family will add spice and interesting. Besides, it will be a wonderful decoration of the henhouse, and his protector from the «enemy».

The content of the chickens in the beloved country fun and interesting, which will provide you with quality meat and eggs.

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