The content of rabbits in the country

content rabbits

For year-round keeping of rabbits in the country, you can use a stationary or portable cells.

They can be single-stage and multistage, and be under the open sky or in the room (under the roof).

The cells for detention of adult rabbits consist of two cells in a block.

Length of each cell of 100 cm and a width of 55cm. Besides, there must be nested branch and feed. The height of the whole structure 50cm.

To keep the young, the cultivation, use group housing.

Depending on the design and square cells, each can contain from 5 to 20 rabbits. One head required is not less than 0.1 sq. m. To save land structures installed in two tiers.

The cellular system is the most favourable for keeping rabbits, as it allows to observe hygiene and to allocate space for a specific purpose.

Facilitated breeding, mating can be carried out in a timely manner, controlled the disease, feeding perhaps in as needed, convenient to clean.

These animals can endure the cold, but to resist drafts, moisture and direct sunlight in hot weather they can not.

Placing cages with rabbits outdoors, you should warn them from long direct exposure to the sun. Normally, when you install make sure that the facade location

growing rabbits

galsa East or West.

In the winter, if they are to remain on the street, it is necessary to provide insulation and additional heating of water and nurseries.

The cell content is not a large number of rabbits that can be made from scrap materials: plywood, slats, sticks, metal mesh.

The design of cages, depending on the climatic conditions and breed rabbits, you can upgrade at their discretion.

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