The construction of the country house of cinder block

house of cinder block

To start building a house with correct organization of the whole process, which consists of several stages, one of which is the choice of material.

Most people of variety of options, opt for the cinder block, and it’s not surprising.

Like all building materials, cinder block has its advantages and disadvantages.

If pre-ordained, above all, shortcomings in the construction of the house, then in the future you would be able to rid yourself of unnecessary problems of operation and repair.

Cinder block used in construction of houses, cottages, garages, but various outbuildings.

The advantages of cinder block


  • 1. Resistance to fire. Cinder block house in case of fire, serious injury is not threatened. You can not say about the houses have a wooden frame.
  • 2. In the repair of the building does not need a large cash investment, even if you entrust this work to specialists in the repair of houses.


  • 3. Cinder block houses have a good resistance to various natural disasters. This is especially true for regions where hurricanes, earthquakes and other weather phenomena.

During the construction of cinder blocks stacked between steel rods and a mixture of stone, cement and sand – this home is ready to withstand strong gusts of wind.

  • 4. In the house of this material is an excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing. Concrete transmits cold and heat outside.
  • 5. Unlike wooden structures, cinder blocks not infest insects.


Disadvantages of cinder block


  • 1. Appearance, as the material at the current level does not hold. In comparison with other materials, cinder block is not presentable.

Although modern units can have a decorative texture. In this case you will need a special project and professional workers.

  • 2. Cinder block house is afraid of water. It is not recommended to build in areas where flooding is common. Might have to use special waterproof materials and drainage system, and this requires a lot of money.

Building a cinder block – not a cheap option, and its final price will depend on many things. If there will be any decorative elements, then, of course, the cost will be much higher.

It is worth noting that the construction of water supply and Sewerage must be provided in advance so as not to compromise the integrity of the walls afterwards.

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