The combat tracks in the country

The combat tracks in the country

Cottagers annoy a lot of pests.

Among other things, on fruit trees and berry bushes eats leaves caterpillars of the army.

If you do not pay attention to preventive measures, control of insects may take the entire growing period.


Autumn work in the garden you need to carry out carefully enough – do not leave on the earth the fallen leaves.

Because it can hide the larvae of caterpillars, which, safely wintered, for example, under a tree, in the spring, will come to life and quietly move to the culture, waiting for the hatch leaves.

Making excavation of shrubs and trees, try to leave grooves and bumps, which the caterpillars can’t get in, «traveling» in the garden.

Another good preventive remedy against caterpillars is whitewashing the tree trunks with lime.

Struggle with caterpillars

The fight against caterpillars should begin with the first signs of their appearance on the site. A good result will give spraying of crops with special preparations:

  • The «chemistry» you need to apply it before the buds swell, repeating the procedure immediately after the disclosure thereof. Further nitrogen, Malathion, etc. can not be used because it will affect the sustainability of the fruit.


  • But the biologics (like lepidocide) on the chemical composition of fruits are not affected, but effectively destroy insects.

But it is necessary to take into account that the fight against caterpillars, using the described products of industrial production should be taking the necessary precautions to avoid poisoning of the employee).

Folk tricks

But the use of folk remedies for the person is harmless. And apply the following recipes are possible even in the period of ripening.

  • Very popular among gardeners use traps for the caterpillars. Prepared adhesive mass, which is (cold) applied on the areas affected by the caterpillars. To prepare glue take 2 parts resin and 1 part of stearin and lard. Melt all the ingredients on the fire, stir them into a homogeneous mass and cooled.


  • In 1 l of water is needed to dissolve 1 tbsp of salt and lime. This solution is treated amazed The combat tracks in the country

    the plant 2 times a day (morning and evening) until the caterpillars disappear.


  • The fight against caterpillars includes more original ways. For example, vacationers who enjoy fishing, infused water fresh offal fish, setting the bucket in the sun. When the smell will become quite smelly, composition treated trees. This «fusion» smell will not stand none of the insect.


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