The combat garden pest whiteflies

the whitefly

Whiteflies are very similar to the little white moth has white wings with the flour coating.

The larva it attaches itself to the leaf surface and begins to eat his juice.

After this the plants begin to dry, the leaves turn yellow and fall off.

The butterfly lays more than hundred eggs on the underside of the leaf. Excrement of the larvae is particularly dangerous as it harms the plant more than anything.

But in addition to direct damage from larvae. Butterflies bring also indirect harm, infecting plant viruses.

To prevent the plants subjected to «hardening» because whiteflies are very afraid of change and temperature.

But if your plants are already affected by this insect, for houseplants, you can use the spraying solutions of actellic, confidor, verticalline, Pegasus, mospilan, fufanon, phosacid.

For vegetable crops, which are grown in suburban gardens the use of chemicals need to be avoided, and therefore suggest to use traditional methods of struggle against pests.


For of whitefly use normal sticky tape traps for flies. Hang them along the beds from the affected plants at some distance from each other.

You can make from plywood homemade traps, paint the leaves with yellow paint and lubricate with petroleum jelly or castor oil.

If insects on plywood will be much needed clean sheet and again to lubricate the sticky substance.

You can make spraying yarrow, which should be infused in boiling water during the day. Useful and thick infusion of alkaline soap or garlic.

Chopped garlic arrows, leaves (200 g per 1 liter) pour in a pot with water, cover and put in a dark place for 5 days.

After this period, the concentrate is ready for spraying. On 5-7G of this solution is diluted in 1 litre of water and sprayed the plants.

Plants need to be flushed with the inner side of the leaves with water. Whiteflies are well washed.

Helps in the fight against these pests silvery wormwood, laid out in the garden on the trails near the plants subjected to the attacks of whiteflies and hung on the branches of trees.

Insects can not stand the pungent smell of this plant. When wither, I think of freshly cut tarragon.

Some gardeners who these pests are made quite a lot of trap. Masteritsa box of opaque material.

This design fits a matte and shaded light orange-yellow. At the level of the lamps is the hole for butterflies.

The whole point of traps is that butterflies fly to the light, burned and fall down, to get out they can not.

At the bottom of the trap, you can put a bowl of water. A very effective way.

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