The columnar pear — description

The columnar pear

Unlikely to be fruit trees were distinguished by diversity, if not breeders.

Among a large number of varieties recently grown crops, you can select dwarf trees and column-form.

They do have an unusual appearance: low strong Central trunk as if pinned stubby boughs thickly covered with bright fruits.

And it makes the columnar pears almost the main figure in the landscape design of garden plots.

But not only the original appearance appreciated these varieties of pear.

Even an inexperienced gardener a year after planting the tree will be able to collect from 5 to 8 kg juicy fruit, without any special effort for this.

The columnar pear unpretentious to the growing conditions: soil, light, watering.

All varieties of this crop has good resistance not only to diseases but also to cold that allows them to grow in all regions of the country.

Despite the fact that the tree is fully planted with fruits, it does not affect the size of the fruits – all of them are quite large (the mass of each average about 250 g).

The taste and juiciness of the columnar pear better than the fruits of traditional varieties of crops. As varied and rich colouring.

As conventional varieties of pears, and column-can be divided into groups according to the timing of fruiting (summer, autumn, winter).

And if in my garden to plant a few representatives of each group, to enjoy delicious fruits all year round.

But even the presence on the site of one of the columnar pear tree will make good stocks for a few months – this variety is characterized by good keeping quality.

The disadvantages of this culture can be attributed to their fragility. With proper care, the columnar pear fruits not more than 15 years.

So every 10 years it is advisable to add to the site new faces of culture.

Despite the fact that the columnar pear is ready to produce in any conditions, but to provide her with the attention still stands.

The basic procedure, which increases the yield of pear — proper pruning.

In the variety of pear the Central stem is trimmed only in the most extreme case, when the tree stops its growth.

All attention should be paid when cutting side shoots. And the shorter they are cut, the stronger they become.

the columnar pear

What is actually needed to keep their branches a cargo of fruit.

In order to clean fruit should be given annually to normalize the number of ovaries.

In the first year after planting is recommended generally all flowers with a columnar pear trees to remove, to give her a chance to take root and gain strength.

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