The collection and storage of tomato ripening green tomatoes


storing tomatoes

Of course the most delicious tomatoes ripened on the Bush.

Not all regions of our great country are able to harvest ripened.

Under frequent green tomatoes shoot maturation due to weather conditions.

Some gardeners, for sure, not collecting ripened tomatoes, the incoming nutrients are distributed between the remaining fruit, thereby they start to sing faster.

In fact, for long-term storage, the collection is carried out green (white) tomatoes, but gained weight and shape, characteristic of this variety. They’ll ripen if you create favorable conditions for them.

Storing tomatoes

If the autumn on bushes began to show late blight, collected tomatoes before putting it in the post, you have one minute to immerse in hot water (60 C).

After drying the fruit, place them in a single layer in a box and cover with paper or cloth. Tomatoes ripen more active in a dark and warm place.

For early ripening and storage of used boots, they put green tomatoes, the boots were put on the plank bed, Russian oven.

Now this method has become less popular, not every family will have enough boots, and a Russian stove is generally difficult to find.

At the temperature of +25 ° C green tomatoes will ripen over the week, and at +15 ° C, two weeks. It should be noted that at temperatures below 10 C, tomatoes can do not to blush.

If you have a dark and warm place, it is best to pull plants with

the ripening of the tomatoes

the roots and hang the bushes up by the roots.

This method of ripening is also common among farmers and gardeners «old school.» So less of the fruit deteriorates.

For long-term storage of tomato (up to 3mesyacev) fresh, suitable for small-fruited varieties.

They should be a little ripened (whitened), but not less than 65% of the volume of the class. The best are selected, no external injuries instances.

Further, the tails need to carefully tear, and the fruits to withstand a few minutes in the hot water 60 º C, it is well protected from Phytophthora. After the tomatoes are dry, each gently and carefully wipe soaked in vodka with a cotton swab.

Processed tomatoes stacked on the bottom of the prepared container, with the stems down. Previously the bottom was covered with a sheet of paper soaked with alcohol or vodka. Between the layers also is alcohol a letter.

The second layer is placed on the stalk attached to the side, and the third up. So tomatoes can be stored until the new year, to increase the duration of storage by wrapping each fruit of the spirit worksheet.

Store these tomatoes in a dry room. In raw they will rot. Periodically, whenever possible, inspect and spoil removed.


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