The choice of varieties of onion

the choice of varieties of onion

Choosing the right varieties of onion, will inevitably have to face, also with desirable traits along with the positive qualities.

Need to make a choice in favor of one or another variety.

For example, you are interested in getting early harvest or increased quantity, but each has its own pros and cons.

Early maturing varieties of onions, as a rule, not large and low-yielding. And virtually all late-maturing high-yielding.

Onions have large bulbs, contain less of the essential oils, sugars, and dry matter, which will affect the preservation of the crop , and reduce resistance to various diseases.

On the other hand, such varieties are less sharp, more palatable and better suited for salads. For their cultivation most favourable southern areas, as they are late maturing.

For middle latitude and the Northern best fit mnogozachatkovye small, pungent varieties of onion.


They are with high dry matter content, sugars and essential oils that gives them their spiciness and bitterness, but they are better suited for long-term storage in the winter.

Therefore, the choice of varieties of onions directly depends on climatic conditions of the area of your residence, and will allow you to get the highest possible yield.

Each variety has its own personality, and are rarely found two with the same conditions and machinery and the environment.

Learning a new grade appropriate to your region can take several seasons of work in the garden to study all the intricacies of this culture and good to high yields.

The best proof of good grades in your region, is widespread among the Amateur gardeners and your neighbors.

Make your choice varieties of onions, you need to purchase quality seeds, but their choice should be approached responsibly, otherwise all your efforts may be in vain.

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