The characteristics of the different varieties of cherry

cherry varieties - Vladimir

Varieties of cherries are primarily different in appearance.

There are varieties of shrub, which include the species of plants in the form of bushes or small trees with long drooping branches.

And there are tree varieties.

To Bush include: «Vladimir«, «Labska«, «Tambovchanka» and other varieties of cherries.»Vladimir cherry«is an old Russian variety. The tree has an average power increase. Crohn’s usually rare, and drooping branches.

The fruits of this variety are medium in size but very dark and sweet. Bone average also in relation to the fetus. Matures this type of cherry in the middle of July. It is quite hardy and has a high immunity against fungal diseases.

«Labska«is too bushy variety, which is common almost everywhere. Its small trees are early maturing.

He samoplodnye and fruiting year fruit. The yield of this variety is very high. The fruits are large and dark red, juicy and sour. They ripen in August.

«Sour cherry ordinary«. Very undemanding small tree and grows almost everywhere in home gardens.

Berries she is medium in size and have a sweet – sour taste. Ripening time is July.

«Lighthouse«is too bushy strain with spherical crown, which ripens in July and has large red berries with a sweet and sour flavor. Grows well in the middle lane.

Of the tree varieties I would like to introduce you to «Novodvorskaya cherry«, which is not a very tall trunk with a large crown, large red fruit which are very well separated from the seed at maturity. Ripen this variety of cherry is also in July.

«Seedling No. 1» – the tree is vigorous with round as a ball, a crown. This is an early variety, the fruit’s flesh which

cherry varieties - Lubka

has a yellow and colorless juice. It ripens in the second half of June. This kind of cherry is very hardy and resistant to kokkomikoza.

The sort of «Turgenevskaya» is fairly high trunk 3.5 meters, the crown of which is similar to an inverted pyramid.

It is resistant to strong thirty-degree frost, fruiting year and very abundant. The berries he had large, dark red, juicy, sweet and sour. This cherry ripens in late July — in August.

«Michurinskiy late» – variety cherry tree with an average height of the trunk, with a spreading crown. The fruits ripen every year in large clumps.

Fruit shape is very good, similar to a lot of red hearts. Berries are large and fleshy. Juicy and sweet and sour.

This variety is hardy, drought resistant and not damaged by disease. Cherry in Russia has long been brewed a very tasty jam with seeds and without them.

Currently this kind of jam is considered the most exquisite meal in our homes. But many Housewives prepare for the winter and a cherry compote.

Here I would like to remind you that compote you have to do as seedless because the seed contains substances that, when storing them in an aqueous solution compote sealed can produce harmful to our organism.

And of course, what a hospitable Russian table will do without brand cherry liqueurs?

No wine can not be compared with this divine primordially Russian drink!

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