The cat care at home

The cat

Sometimes you want easy to sleep after a hard day of work or nervous overload.

The usual set of medicines recommended by the medicine, it is better to apply less. Here we come to the aid of natural sleep AIDS.

Sometimes very little known, yet simple. Such as flower the Lotus or the most common varieties (Lotus berthelotii) and (Lotus maculatus).

To prepare him a soothing tea is not difficult. It grows almost everywhere, and lately has become very popular among fans of indoor flower, who are interested in farming basket plant.

Flower of the legume family can be seen at Sunny meadows, steppes, forest edges. Its yellow blossoms, resembling fell to the earth, acacia flowers, or bright claws, gathered in an umbrella to attract attention from may to September.

To grow the Lotus is not very difficult if you follow the advice of gardeners lovers.

The cultivation of Lotus

 Location and lighting

Hanging pots, shelves at eye level, Sunny windowsill, a balcony or terrace are well suited for planting basket plant the Lotus of Berthelot.

Throughout the years the flower you need the maximum possible illumination. If they are not, it just will not bloom.

In strong sun the plant should be slightly pritenit. Morning and evening, you can keep it under direct sunlight.


During the winter months for the Cat’s need to find a cool place with a t of about 7°C.

Watering and humidity

Regular watering is very important for successful cultivation of Lotus. We cannot allow the state peresushki earthen coma in the pot. But overflow is also harmful.

Its sign is yellow and then the leaves fall. During the winter rest period of plants especially carefully it is necessary to avoid excess water.

But do not water impossible. To obtain average moisture sometimes it is recommended to spray the plant.


In the growth period of the plant needed fertilizer complex fertilizer once every 2-3 weeks.

Transplantation and propagation

The best time to plant propagation technique grafting is February, March, August, September.

The quality of planting material used apical cuttings planted in wet soil and covered by the package.

To get a wide Bush used a single pinched already engrafted and transplanted to a permanent place of cuttings.

Transplantation of adult plants, only do when pot becomes too small for the roots. The cat does not like frequent change of soil.

While the soil composition is good. It fits any, but with good drainage. Graceful drooping shoots even without flowers look very attractive.

Its leaves, similar to pine needles, to create a calm and pleasant atmosphere. It remains only to choose the of Berthelot Lotus (Lotus berthelotii) with red flowers spotted or Lotus (Lotus maculatus) with yellow, which is otherwise called «rabbit mobsters».

And then there will be the opportunity to relax and see a good, good dreams after drinking a tea made from one teaspoon of dried flowers.

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