The carrot liquid method

growing carrots

Vegetable growers-fans know very well how difficult it is given to growing carrots.

Its seeds grow slowly and not always together.

This can be avoided if you apply the seeding liquid.

The seed is cooked for 3 days before sowing.

Carrot seeds soaked in warm water for 12h, and placed in a place having a temperature of 20-25C.

Water every hour is mixed and changing, lightweight seeds, and trash are removed.

At the end of the seeding material, spread in a bowl covered with a thin cloth on top of them is necessary to cover with a damp cloth.

After that, they again put in a place having a temperature of 20-25C for 3 days. You need to make sure that the liquid was not too much since there is a restriction in oxygen and dry carrot seeds should not. During this period, you should see the sprouts up to 5 mm.

Before you sow the carrots, the ground is prepared and as soon as you go cold, depending on the region from mid-April to mid-may, seeding is carried out.

Sprouted carrot seeds mixed with the paste very carefully, without damaging the shoots. The amount of liquid and seed material is achieved empirically, for each meter of the line is about 20ml of the solution.

This should not be thicken or empty plots. Cooked well and shed the grooves from a teapot with a spout poured a mixture of paste and carrots. Then covered with soil.

Seeding depth of about 1.5—2 cm Soil before sprouting soil is kept moist. The paste is prepared in advance to mix it cold. The most important requirement, it needs to be sufficiently viscous, homogeneous and without lumps.

Prepare such a composition in the following recipe. To obtain 1 l of solution to 100 ml of cold water stir 30 g potato starch.

Then 1 liter jar, pour 900 ml of boiling water, and a thin stream with constant stirring, pouring in the diluted starch.

Then put the jar in a pot of boiling water and in this state, stirring occasionally, heat the resulting composition to a temperature of about 90°C.

Then the paste is cooled to room temperature. In the cases of the formation of a surface film or lumps obtained liquid gel must be filtered.

With this method of growing carrots, sprouts become friendly and fast.

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