The care of the Royal geraniums at home

the care of the Royal geraniums

Despite its beauty and majestic name, this plant is simple to care for.

Although it does not prevent the Royal geraniums become a real decoration of any interior.

Choosing different shades of blooms, you can create a miracle on your windowsill.

Care for geraniums

Even the most unpretentious flower wants attention. By purchasing this plant, the care of the Royal geraniums should be carried out with love, then to enjoy the magic beauty of the flowers.

  • The plant loves to swim in the sun, so the geraniums can safely hold open the window sills of the South.
  • Also don’t have to split hairs with the air temperature – this flower will fit the one which is comfortable to you.
  • Humidity geranium also unpretentious and quietly tolerates dry air. But to spray the plant is not necessary – velvet leaves don’t like it.
  • Water the plant abundantly, but should be given time to dry the top layer of soil.
  • As for transplants, there are no special requirements. This procedure is performed as needed when the roots of geranium have nowhere to grow. The best time for handling in the spring.
  • Royal geraniums are propagated from cuttings, once planted in the ground. The seeds are the same – it is more the prerogative of breeders, because at home this reproduction requires patience.


Diseases and pests of geranium Royal

Unpretentiousness to the conditions of existence will not save the plant from disease and pests. Therefore the main care of the Royal geraniums is to protect her from the alleged disease.

  • The lower leaves begin to turn yellow or due to lack of moisture (they are elastic), or from its excess (and then become lethargic). Problem is solved, adjusting the irrigation mode.
  • The red color of the leaves indicates a rather low temperature. Noticing this symptom, geranium need to move to the heat source.
  • If they began to fall off the lower leaves, exposing the stem, so the flower is not enough UV light.
  • Watery pads on the leaves of talking about the excessive moisture of the soil so that it is necessary to temporarily discontinue irrigation.
  • The excess moisture becomes the cause of grey mold. This is a very contagious disease, and to take steps urgently need. Removed all the affected leaves and the rest of the plant is treated with special drugs.
  • The darkening of the stem is a terrible disease to plants, called the black leg. There is a bacterium that is present in any soil and aktiviziruyutsya for violations of plant care. The disease is incurable, so the geraniums will have to be destroyed to avoid infecting neighbouring flowers. The pot boiled and treated with chlorine. the care of the Royal geraniums

But from the pest trouble can deliver the weevil and whiteflies. With them you can fight insecticidal preparations («BIOTON», «Oberon», etc.).

Folk remedies can offer an infusion of cloves of garlic. To catch adults, use adhesive traps.

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