The care of bees

the care of bees

With proper maintenance and care of bees in the Northern and Central areas it is possible to achieve a good honey yield.

Short summers and long winters, high humidity – these are the main reasons why many refuse to hold their own apiaries.

The tips given in this article will help you to look at these problems from the other side.

For starters, you need to explore the area and choose to apiary the most dry places, protected from the wind.

Even in the country you can define the appropriate place. It is desirable, that nearby there was more honey arrays. Hives must be large, with lids and bottoms.

Future beekeepers need to purchase highly productive bee colonies. Do not keep ewes over two years.

Every four years you should change the family to avoid inbreeding. The winter is better to leave not more than 10% of Queen bees.

Due attention is paid to nutrition. In spring and summer and in the winter you need to have reserves of pollen and honey that was harvested in the first half of the honey yield.

It is unacceptable to leave the honey, which is an impurity honeydew or fast crystallizing.

Old combs should be regularly updated. For each family it is necessary to have breeding and store the cell.

Winter bees are placed in a special wintering. Size is determined by the number of families and the hives.

The air temperature near Zimovniki should be no lower than 2 degrees and not exceed + 4. It is necessary to monitor ventilation, because the bees during the winter release moisture and heat.

The protracted winter, in recent months, should put the hives outside. The intestine of bees in this moment overflowing with feces, and they begin to show concern.

For such ventilation and suitable temperature is + 8 , even if there is snow.

Come as soon as the warm days of spring, bees are transplanted into clean hives. Starting mid-may we should start the extension sockets.

For every 10 days to put the hives with 3 frames of combs, and so on throughout the entire season of honey collection.

To the uterus is delayed more eggs, it is necessary to observe cleanliness in the hive and have enough

the care of bees

the stock of food. If the forage reserves quickly decreased, should be given warm sugar syrup with milk in a ratio of 1: 1.

Feeding is best done at night. In any case, this is not advisable in cold weather or strong winds. Bees can die.

In the period of main honey flow it is necessary to promptly expand the socket and to prevent the swarming state bee colonies.

To prevent this condition, it is necessary to systematically remove some of the brood and bees, in order to form the cuttings.

These cuttings in the period of honey collection will be merged with the main families or will be used as a separate family.

Already in the beginning of August the bees comes the irritability, they begin to sting and to fight near letkov. The old bees die off.

At this time you should harvest honey and cut the slot. In places where the climate is more cold, all the work is completed around August 10.

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