The calculation of the amount of seeds for sowing

the calculation of the amount of seeds for sowing

Experienced gardeners before spring work at his beloved dacha are prepared in advance, and start in the winter.

Prepare seeds for planting, get a soil for seedlings, fertilizer, peat pots.

All it takes to get a good harvest.

Calculation of seed for sowing

At the same time, it is necessary to calculate the seed for sowing. Over time, you will already know how many and what vegetable and horticultural crops need to grow, to provide for his family food for the whole winter.

How many take away places in the country, garden cultivation is that the plants can comfortably grow, and they do not interfere with each other.

At the initial stage, still need to carry out calculation of seed for plantingbecause the cost is growing, and to pay for the excess is not particularly keen in the end it may be a decent amount. Therefore it is better to estimate the need for seed in advance.

In late winter-early spring, we begin to sow seedlings of the first crop: leaf parsley, celery root, petiolate, eggplant and pepper.

This is due to the fact that the vegetation period of these plants are large, they germinate for a long time, grow slowly, and the weather conditions of our country do not allow planting directly into the ground on a bed. Calculation of seed for sowing of these crops and start.

For a start, calculate how many plants will be planted on 1. M. it all depends on the peculiarities of different cultures.

Of course for growing cabbage need more space per plant than parsley or other spices. The table below shows the calculation of seeds for sowing of vegetable crops on 10 sq. m.

The plants of the same species, but different varieties also vary in size. For example, tall eggplant placed three plants in 1Q.m, and average height five.

Consider also the formation of plants, the more you leave the stems, the larger need to plant seedlings.

Low-growing and early-maturing varieties of pepper: a Gift of Moldova, Health, Winnie the Pooh, Eroshka grow 6-8 plants per square meter, while denser plantings up to 12 plants.

Hybrids and late-maturing, tall species grown in greenhouses 3 plants on 1. m. Average grade 4 to 8 plants. All these factors must be considered when calculating the amount of seed at sowing.

Another important point in the calculation the future harvest, weather conditions. Late-ripening and

the calculation of the amount of seeds for sowing

tall varieties and hybrids, designed for a higher yield, but in the cold summer, they do not have time to form it completely.

Therefore, in regions with short summers, are mainly fast-food types of plants. For beginners good advice, don’t skimp on planting material, after counting the required number of seeds, increase them by 25-30%.

A strong likelihood that because of inexperience, pests and diseases, part of the crop will die. And try to stick to the advice of experienced farmers, in this case, you don’t have to learn from their mistakes.

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