The brown-tail — control measures


The brown-tail – pest of fruit and deciduous trees.

Is found everywhere. The name of the butterfly received a Golden-red hairs on the abdomen in the female.

A wingspan of about 40 mm. Colour white, there is a silky lustre.

Males and females differ in shape of abdomen: the female has a bulged to coupling, the male zauzhivaetsya and ends with a red tassel.

In the winter the caterpillars euproctis chrysorrhoea construct nests on branches of trees out of leaves and cobwebs. In the spring, with the onset of heat, they are from nests.

The food serve the blossoming buds. In cool weather and after sunset pests again climb to the nest.

With the final onset of heat, the caterpillars leave him. The month they feed on leaves, eating almost entirely, and the few times shed. The adult caterpillars euproctis chrysorrhoea 16 feet, length is 40 mm.

A characteristic feature of euproctis chrysorrhoea – gray body in the center of the strip of reddish tubercles. Side light strips, body ends with red spots.

Soon after Bud Apple trees, pests of 20 days wrapped in a web of transparent cocoons, where they molt and pupate. The cocoons are mounted between the branches, leaves or in the crevices of the bark.

The butterflies begin to fly in mid June and finish in August, mostly in the dark. Females are not as active as males. The pairing process starts almost immediately.

The eggs are laid on the lower part of the leaves, each laying more than 200 eggs. After laying butterfly die.

After 20 days appear caterpillars euproctis chrysorrhoea, live in large colonies. In the process of power entangle the web of a branch with several layers of leaves. These nests wintering pests without fear of frost.

In case of danger, the brown-tail emit special pungent liquid that dries on the numerous hairs in the form of pollen. When skin feels itchy and a bit sore.

In areas with large concentrations of caterpillars in the air a large number of toxic hairs. When in the mouth, nose or on the skin causing hoarseness and cough. To get rid of the inflammation on the skin using a compress of soda (half a teaspoon of baking soda per 100 ml of water).

When working on private gardens, in parks where in large numbers euproctis chrysorrhoea, it is necessary to prevent the hairs on the skin, eyes, respiratory tract.

The brown-tail — control measures:


The brown-tail - control measures

  • After leaf fall, or spring, when visible nests euproctis chrysorrhoea, they must be destroyed.

This young shoots are cut along with the slots. Then in a tightly closed container is placed the nest, where the caterpillars die.

  • Treatment of fruit trees with insecticides after the caterpillars leave the nest winter.


  • The use of biologics in warm (above 16 degrees) weather.


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