The bringing of electricity to the house

the bringing of electricity to the house

At the beginning of the construction of villas in the suburban area it is important to engage in the supply of electricity to the house at the initial stage.

Of course, you don’t need electricity for appliances, but most of the tools powered by electricity, with which you can quickly finish the construction of the building by automating the process.

It is also worth noting that the electricity to the house in the future will still be necessary.

The bringing of electricity to the house

So for small country houses, the consumption current is about 20 Amps.

1 square millimeter copper wire allowable current is approximately 5 Amps.

Dividing 20 by 5 we get 4 square mm wire size. However experts recommend to take a wire with a transverse thickness slightly more than was received in the calculations (this is a stock in the event of an increase in the number of electrical appliances).

Before you engage in the supply of electricity to the house, the main question – what thickness is best to use a cable.

In order to answer it we need to calculate the required cross sectional area based on the possible load.


You need to choose from a copper cable with double insulation of PVC. The same requirement is applied to the cable, which will be on the street.

When buying you need to ask about the hardiness of this liner (it is worth considering that during a long stay on a frost dubeet insulation becomes brittle).

If you have purchased a defective wire with poor insulation, it will crumble after the first frost.

In the rubber insulation also should be treated with caution (it does not like prolonged exposure to sun or heat).

Once you have brought electricity to the area and built a house,

the bringing of electricity to the house

there comes a point when the house must light up the light.

For this you need to sum up and connect the electricity.

In places where electric cable goes through the wall must be metal or plastic box that and hide the cable against various environmental impacts, and to avoid contact with him.

Despite the new methods of cable protection metal pipe is the most effective remedies.

Cable entry to the house is through a metal tube, and the resulting slit is sealed with foam (foam should not be chemically active so as not to damage the insulation). In this case, a twisted pair wire.

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