The breeding of strawberries


Once a neighbor in the cottage, Tamara Vasilievna gave us wild strawberries, which were surprisingly very tasty.

Become interested in, what kind is it and how is called.

To which the neighbor replied that growing berry her for a long time, as the variety is called, she doesn’t remember, and it’s likely in the strawberries.

But then calmed, having told that will give us the «whiskers», and that the reproduction of the strawberry or strawberry lesson is not very difficult. That’s what she said.

For breeding of strawberry, choose quality plants, with powerfully developed core, beautiful leaves and the beginnings of the root system.

Usually, this is the first outlet from the main Bush. Of course, if planting material is not very much, it is possible to take and the next, but choosing the best.

By the way, we often hear from many gardeners that sockets need to take only even. I am interested in this information and found out that all sockets are formed only from the even-numbered internodes on the ear.

It happens that because of the dry weather, and even if


the soil is dense, strawberry (strawberry) cuttings virtually no beginnings of roots, but the core and the leaves developed well.

Not something terrible, such instances can also be used for breeding on his land, but first they need to prestage.

For this you need to make a special nursery-bed. It must be located in the shaded area of the garden.

The size depends on the number of planting material. Allotted land for the nursery, dig and rake.

Then you need to make a pillow from lowland peat with a height of about 7cm. you Can add a little humus. Then on moistened bed-a hotbed sockets are planted rather thickly, through a 6-7cm.

If the roots are sufficiently developed, and the weather is not hot, and there is a possibility of frequent watering, plugs can be planted directly in a permanent place, without additional training, and not erecting shelter from the scorching sun.

In the beginning, within a few days the leaves will padovanet, but it’s not terrible. Most importantly, well-developed root system, and for this the soil in 7cm in depth, should be moist and loose, for admission of oxygen.

As for the garden-nursery, over the poorly developed rosettes, shading from the sun, you can create an outdoor greenhouse, that is, on top of the arc to put a lightweight covering material.


The leaves of strawberry (Fragaria), preferably in the morning spray with water from a spray bottle.

To stimulate root growth apply solution kornevina and HUMATE. After about 2 weeks got stronger seedlings with a lump of land planted in a permanent place.

Thanks to Tamara Vasilievna for invaluable experience in the breeding of strawberry (Fragaria), all work was within our power.

Now this delicious berry grows in our garden. However strawberries or strawberries, we still don’t know.

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