The breeding of rabbits

the breeding of rabbits

Pregnant rabbits before breeding is necessary to provide a breeding Queen if the nest is not equipped with constant uterine compartment.

Also litter to make a nest.

A week before kindling all areas of the cells and the cells should be cleaned and disinfected.

Some of the girls do not make nests of their own, in this case, the breeder should prepare it himself.

He the breeding of rabbits in most cases happens at night. Its length is about 20 minutes.

Rabbits are born blind and totally naked (without hair).

Not always the rabbit can bring up all the offspring. In this case, a few bucks you need to put the other in which less rabbits in the litter.

Put rabbits need on day 3 after birth, pre-clearing them from the mother down, and wiping down the other rabbit. After put up, cover them nest in peace.

Covered with fluff the kids start on the 5th day. After 10 days the eyes. Already on day 17 gradually begin to leave the nest and try the normal food that is in the cell.

Development occurs quite rapidly on day 6 of their live weight increases in two, and to

the breeding of rabbits

the end of the month about 10 times.

After their exit from the nest on day 6, you need to collect the whole nest down, clean and re-disinfect the whole cage.

Under standard breeding rabbits is deposited from mothers at the age of 30-40 days. A week after depositing the rabbit can happen.

During the year from each adult rabbit can get 5 of kindling. When compacted kindling the female need to cover is the 2nd day after birth.

In this case, jigging rabbits spend 2 days prior to kindling. Younger young rabbits contain groups of the same age, gender and development.

Until the age of 3 months young animals can contain 5-6 pieces, then they are seated the mother of two, males one by one.

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