The better insulation of the house

The better insulation of the house

This question is always important, especially now, when the price of energy has increased significantly.

It is clear that the covering window adhesive tape will not solve all problems, so it will be more about how whole house to insulate.

Here are some of the most commonly used materials:

Mineral (rottsimba wool. The material is made from fibers in the shops comes in the form of bundles or plates. The density is different, it gives the opportunity to use mineral wool in many areas.

Advantages of this heater can be called non-inflammable, water vapor permeability and sound insulation. It is worth to mention faults, one of which is the absorption of moisture, which can be up to 70%.

Even if fiberglass will absorb only 2% moisture, the insulation properties are lost almost half. Besides, mineral wool is never fully dries. That is why the material is not suitable for external insulation, in particular facade or the roof.

Polystyrene (Styrofoam). Is considered the easiest and most common. May have a different density, is sold in slabs.

The foam has proven itself as an excellent insulation material, absorbs little moisture. But if the foam will be under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, it can in combustion emit harmful gases.


It is also worth to say that such material does not «breathe», meaning that when it is used as insulation will have to build a ventilation system.

Extruded polystyrene foam. Features low moisture absorption, but, as the previous material also does not «breathe». In combustion releases toxic gases. Although when compared with the foam, EPPS much stronger.

Warm plaster. Perhaps, it is better to insulate the house this method. The composition is a mixture of white cement, tiny pellets of foamed glass and other components that contribute to a better thermal insulation.

Warm the plaster has waterproofing properties, «breathes» and does not burn. In one material enclosed three properties – sound, thermo and hydro insulation. Resistant to sunlight, and if necessary, repair damaged areas.

Cork insulation. For making use of the bark of the cork tree or to take crumbs of cork. In the implementation comes in the form of plates.

Cork insulation is great for insulating the floor, walls, ceiling, and work both inside and outside the house.

The benefits can be called lightweight breathability and the fact that on the surface are not formed mold. But there is a disadvantage is the Flammability, although it does not emit harmful gases.

The better insulation of the house

Cellulose fibre insulation. Among the materials, the better to insulate the house, you can call the ecowool, which is eco-friendly products. For production use waste paper.

To reduce Flammability, the manufacturer adds a flame retardant. Ecowool «breathes», but absorbs moisture.

That is why you need a protective barrier from water. For ecowool an unacceptable burden, so it is better to insulate the attic.

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