The best varieties of tomatoes – names and description


The best varieties of tomatoes

Mostly every dacha is grown is the tomato.

The varieties may be different. Besides shape and size, colour of tomatoes may also vary.

For example, in recent years it has become very fashionable to grow unusual varieties of tomatoes and orange or yellow color.

Indeed, varieties of huge variety, but which ones are the best? Then we will talk about it.

Early red

 Eugene. Recommended to grow outside of the greenhouse. You can marinate and chop for salads. Good tolerance of drought. The fruit of purple color, dense flesh, the surface is smooth. The taste is pleasant. Tomatoes on the Bush are always a lot, even if the weather is not very good.

Aurora F 1. You can coporate. Recommended for cultivation in greenhouses and in the garden. The tomatoes have a slight ribbing. Weighs up to 110 grams. Fruits are always a lot.

Red sun f1. Grown in greenhouses and in the garden. Preservation excluded. Weighs up to 130 gr., Burgundy slightly ribbed with a pleasant taste.

Admiral F 1. Salad and zasolochny grade. Bush high. Fruiting friendly. Tomato delicious. Resistant to various diseases. Slight ribbing.

Hurricane F 1. Salad and canning tomato. Branching and deciduous moderate. Bush height of about 220 cm large, round fruit, but slightly flattened.

Front F1. Use for different dishes and salads. Low shrub, branched. Tomato red, rounded, dense flesh. Weight 140 gr. The taste is pleasant. Perfectly carries the vagaries of the weather.

Tsarskoye Selo. Successfully grown under plastic cover or in the open garden. A Bush high, so you need to build support and to regularly trim the Bush. It is possible to preserve. The yield is high.

Tomato red-crimson color, rounded, slightly flattened. A distinctive taste. Allowed storage for a while.

Pink varieties of tomatoes

 Demidov. Large fruit 150-200 grams. High and constant yield. Not recommended to grow in the greenhouse.

Pink Raffaello. The fruit is rounded, has a weight of about 150 gr., with a pleasant sweet taste.

My family. Bush height of about 120 cm pink Vegetable. Weight is about 600 gr. Delicious.

Handsome. Early maturing Varieties of tomatoes, vegetable weighing up to 150 gr., does not crack.

Grushovka Moscow. Fruit shape is oblong, similar to pepper. The taste is pleasant.

Pink Stele. The low shrub. Vegetable crimson-pink color. Form oblong. Weight about 200 grams. Stands excellent fruiting.

Varieties of tomato for protected ground

 Golden Queen. A vegetable yellow in color, round with a slight priloznosti, the weight does not exceed 300 gr. Are resistant to the vagaries of the weather and various diseases.

Chemerovets. The color of a tomato crimson with a slight pink tinge. The flesh has a tight, heart-shaped form.

The best varieties of tomatoes – names and description

Uncle Styopa. Colors purple, elongated fruit with soft skin.

Laura. Variety ripens in summer. The tomato red, can be used for conservation. Form oblong, tender flesh, sugar.

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