The best varieties of tomato

The best varieties of tomato

The youngest of all grown in domestic gardens crop is tomato, which in Italian means «Golden Apple».

Despite the fact that tomatoes belong to the Solanaceae family (which are poisonous), this vegetable for its taste is the favorite product of most people.

And this passion has allowed breeders to create over ten thousand different varieties of a given culture and their hybrids.

Choosing for planting the best varieties of tomato, note that they are clearly zoned and suitable for growing in certain regions.

Classification of varieties of tomato

To classify the variety of tomato under the simplified scheme is quite difficult. Therefore, the culture was divided into several groups.


  • standard — the stem strong, dense;


  • nextmove — thin, stem ascending;


  • kartofeliny – apparently a Bush similar to a potato.


Height and branching Bush:

  • determinant – Slavovitsa, undersized;


  • superdeterminant – the usual stunted;


  • predeterminate is quite high, branched;


  • indeterminate – with unlimited growth.

The latter is considered the best as they give high enough yields. But more suitable for cultivation in greenhouses. For open same soil will suit the first low-growing compact shrubs.

And klassificeret tomatoes for ripening, transportability, purpose. And each group be sure to find the best varieties of tomato.

The best varieties of tomato

Popular among gardeners use tomato varieties, different in appearance, height, ripening, etc. Some give good yields, others are resistant to cold or disease.

And if you have a garden of culture with different maturity, can be harvested throughout the summer.

  • Among the early and extra-early varieties can be identified «Clay Gribovsky», «Profitable», «Liang». The best varieties of tomato


  • Among middle-popular «Volgogradets», «Moon», «the gardener».


  • Late: «Russian size», «Christmas», «Ox heart».

Those who grow tomatoes only in greenhouses, should be to opt for hybrid varieties.

All of them are resistant to the common diseases of crops: Fusarium, tobacco mosaic, ant, root-knot nematode etc.

Good yields give the next best varieties of tomatoes: «Atletico», «Barynya», «Grenada», «Eupator», «Flamenco» and others (all with the prefix F1).

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