The best varieties of sweet pepper

The best varieties of pepper

Despite the fact that in our country, sweet pepper is cultivated relatively recently (it was brought to Russia from the American continent in the 19th century), the vegetable has become quite popular, and without him was not do any one meal.

And those who have land, be sure to grow this culture, choosing only the best varieties of pepper.

Varieties the varieties of pepper

Sweet pepper, as the vegetable culture, diverse in its manifestations.

Varieties can be classified in terms of maturation, forms of fruit and its size.

Withdrawn a large number of pepper varieties, abound in different color shades.

Starting to develop the same way – with a green (light or dark), fruit of the same varieties in maturity become red, the other yellow. And there are those that are purple and even black shade.

Sweet pepper is a plant that likes the heat. Therefore, in open field crops in all regions. Choosing the best peppers for your site, pay attention to what soil they fit (the development of the greenhouse or outdoor bed).

Peppers for beds

Many varieties of sweet pepper (and hybrids) appeared in the selection, which thrive in closed greenhouses, and yard beds. Popular varieties for open ground include the following:

  • «Alyosha Popovich» — grade average ripening to red, thick-walled fruit Mature. It tolerates fluctuations in temperature and resistant to fading.


  • «Hercules F1» — the most delicious fruit four-color form deep-red. Compact vine produces high yields and is resistant to most diseases.


  • «Nikita F1 early variety with legkim, a well-transported fruit. In the stage of technical maturity has a very original color cream.

 Peppers grow

The bulk of the sweet pepper varieties for cultivation in enclosed heated greenhouses.

Therefore, start planting even in early winter, to have good fruit by the middle of spring. The best peppers for the greenhouse include the following:

  • «Yellow bull NC» — the name itself already determines the color of the Mature fruit large form with fleshy succulent walls. Resistant to mosaic viruses and. Gives a good The best varieties of pepper

    yield and is suitable for extended circulation.


  • «Red bull NK» — it is just described varieties, but with red fruits, very maturation. A characteristic feature of this variety is the ability to multiply even under poor lighting conditions (or lack of it).


  • «Flamenco» — a variety of pepper with large fleshy fruit. Disease resistant, high yielding and suitable for winter cultivation.


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