The best varieties of cucumbers

The best varieties of cucumbers

Though the cucumbers and are not particularly nutritious food, but love eating this vegetable people have not dried up.

At the moment there are more than 80 varieties of crops for open field and about 60 for the greenhouse cultivation.

But breeders don’t stop there, continuing to create new varieties.

Classification of varieties of cucumbers

Cucumbers klassificeret according to various criteria: time of maturity, method of application, cultivation, pollination services. But there is another, specific, gradation – opustenosti of the fetus.

  • Cucumbers with white spines» are the salad varieties and for pickling is not always suitable, because the fermented the fruit sugar makes them malosedobnaya. The reason a thick rind, which does not allow the saline solution to penetrate. But these cucumbers better tolerate transport.


  • But with Chernushevich fruits make the best pickles its delicate thin skin. But this also prevents them away to transport. Vegetable varieties of this species should be removed from the garden immediately after the ripening, avoiding full maturity Zelentsov.


So that the table always had fresh cucumbers, and had the opportunity to make preparations for the winter, to grow in the garden should be both kinds of culture, choosing the best varieties of cucumbers.

Choose cucumbers for planting

To obtain yields for the entire garden season, you should grow vegetables with different maturing.

The best varieties of cucumbers early ripening:

  • «Adam F1» — in good preservation, resistant to diseases, gives high yields, suitable for any soil.


  • «Annie F1» — salad hybrid of female type, not prone to diseases grown under film.


  • «Dynamite F1» — universal grade (going in pickling and in salads) with good yield and marketable fruit for greenhouse.


  • «Favorite» is pollinated by bees canning grade average yield for open ground in the Central belt of the country.

Among the mid is also possible to identify the best varieties of cucumbers:

  • «Cupid 1801 F1» — a good salad, and blockage resistant to disease, are grown in any soil.


  • «Cornflower F1» — class female type with white edge, is relatively resistant to disease, are grown year-round in greenhouses and gives quite high yields.


  • Samorodok — grade universal application, pollinated by bees, the plant does not require formation, are grown in any soil.

Late-maturing varieties of cucumbers:

The best varieties of cucumbers

  • «Athlete F1» — salad, a bee pollinating cultivar with a high yield, is grown in the extended circulation.


  • «Nizhyn local» — the best variety for canning and pickling.


  • «Casanova F1» is pollinated by bees, but he is a good pollinator, yielding, has large fruit, suitable for extended circulation.


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