The best varieties of courgettes

varieties of courgettes

Zucchini is very popular in our gardens relative of the pumpkin.

It is characterized by simplicity, cold tolerance and yield.

This vegetable is highly valued due to the presence of the mass of nutrients, low calorie and hypoallergenic.

Varieties of squash there is quite a lot and at times to opt for the best quite difficult. Because they differ in taste, ripening, color and form.

It can be noted the best varieties of zucchini:

  • Gribovsky 37 – one of the oldest, but at the same time and the most famous varieties. It is at the level of the mid courgettes for planting in open ground. The fruits ripen through 50-55 days from planting.

This variety forms large branching bushes, and the fruits have excellent taste and distinguished by their long shelf life and transportability.

The purpose of this universal varieties of courgettes. Young fruits Gribovsky 37 painted in light green and the ripened white.

  • White is a very precocious variety. Placing it within 30-40 days you can expect a harvest. This variety is one of the best in taste and widely used in dietary and baby foods.

Perfect the zucchini for canning. The fruits, as the name implies, white in color.

  • Apollo F1 – early high-yielding hybrid (35-41 day from planting to maturity), which has excellent performance of cold resistance and hardiness. Peel zucchini Apollo F1 is painted in white with light green hue.
  • Video is the most precocious variety, which pleases the first harvest in 35-38 days. The plant has a compact Bush. Good performance of cold resistance, this variety is best suited for harvest of early vegetables. Fruit colour is light green.
  • Zebra – refers to the early varieties, as well as its maturation occurs around 40 days. These zucchini can be grown in greenhouses under the film and in the open ground.

Courgettes have a good stability and transportability. The plant is not afraid of the cold and gives rich harvests. Fruits are light green with dark green stripes color.

  • Helena – grade zucchini, which has a comparatively long gestation period, about 45-57 days. The best varieties of courgettes

The fruit of this variety is first painted in a light yellow color, but as they Mature become bright orange.

Has excellent taste and is great for outdoor cultivation.

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