The best varieties of carrots

the best varieties of carrots

Carrot is perhaps one of the most popular vegetables.

First, it contains a lot of vitamins and is indispensable for preparation of various dishes.

Second, this unpretentious vegetable, its cultivation does not require much cost.

There are many different varieties of carrots, focus on the best of them.

Early varieties

Among these varieties we want to highlight «Alenka«. Early maturing carrots, the crop can get in 85 days. Fruits are characterized by juiciness and sweetness.

It should be noted that vegetable this variety is best grown in fertile soil. You should also not forget about watering, otherwise the harvest will be smaller than usual.

Another good sort of «nantes3«. Harvest can begin in 90-100 days. Such carrots can be eaten as fresh and to use for storage for a long time.

The best varieties of carrots mid-season maturity

Such varieties include the famous «Corrida«. To sow it even in the summer, gives a great harvest. The fruits have an attractive appearance. Vegetable unpretentious, does not require any growth conditions.


Middle-ripening varieties

These varieties presented in a wide variety, you can choose for every taste and color. A very good sort of «Carnival«. Try to grow at his dacha, you will not regret. The aging time ranges from one hundred to one hundred twenty days. Don’t forget a thorough watering.

It is desirable to grow in the fertile loose soil but tolerates variety and fertilizer. Therefore, with appropriate feeding, the difference in yield will be negligible.

This variety is usually grown, if the carrots need to be stored. It has good keeping quality and lasts a very long time.

Another good variety, recommended by experienced growers before planting is «Moscow winter«. Despite the fact that it refers to mid-season varieties, it Matures rather quickly, the time from landing to picking fruit ranges from 67 to 98 days, depending on the region.

Carrots of the varieties have a higher carotene content. Plus, it can be planted before winter.

The best medium grade


Recently was launched a hybrid Nantes type, called «Sircana«. It is quite undemanding to growing conditions, high yield, suitable for long storage, no cracks. The gestation period is 120-130 days.

The maturation period of the variety «Red giant» is 140-160 days. Waiting long enough, but the harvest will not disappoint you. Long smooth fruits that have juicy, sweet taste, suitable for long term storage.

A large variety of good varieties of carrots allows you to choose the suitable for you variety, then to gather a rich harvest, and to prepare rich in vitamins meals.

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