The best tomato varieties for Siberia

tomatoes for Siberia beef heart

Preparations for the summer season begins in February — March, it is now harvest the seeds and start growing seedlings.

Weather conditions in different regions are significantly different from each other.

So grown varieties of tomatoes in the southern areas, absolutely not suitable for Siberia.

Choosing tomato varieties for Siberia, you should pay attention to such parameter as a maturity, the place of cultivation (greenhouse, outdoors), and other features.

Tomato varieties for Siberia

Better to give preference to hybrids, they have the advantage over conventional varieties of tomato. Hybrid tomatoes have high yields, amicable germination and maturation, uniformity, even in not very favorable conditions.

Also, choosing tomato varieties for Siberia, is to determine how the use of the future crop of tomato.

Some are more suitable for fresh salads, and for preparations for the winter. The best option, of course, in the right quantity to grow and those and others.

Describe the most popular, well-proven, and grown myself, for many years content a suburban area of the Kemerovo region.

«Bull’s heart» — a Very tasty variety of tomatoes for consumption in salads and fresh. The flesh is «beef heart» sugar, fleshy and sweet, skin is thin.

The color of a tomato as the ripening changes from green to bright red. With proper care, the fruits grow large, weighing up to 500 g.

A very popular and respected gardeners variety of tomatoes in Siberia, I personally planted the «Bull’s heart» each season, the seeds using your.

Gives very good yields in protected and open ground. Required remove side shoots and the formation of the Bush, better to leave not more than two stems. Rise high bushes of tomatoes required a garter.

«Gina«is also a good Siberian variety that I like. Well suited for open ground. Excellent yield, the fruits are large, rather flat-roundish, skin thick, tasty flesh.

Special care is required, as the low-growing bushes. Universal varieties suitable for pickling and fresh consumption. Seeds can be left on your own.

«Siberian precocious» — Mid-season variety of tomato, but nonetheless, good for Siberia. Tomatoes of medium size, tasty, smooth. The color is red. Disease resistant. Best grown in a greenhouse, and use for winter preparations.

«Altai early» — highly productive and early maturing variety, from germination to maturity takes place

tomatoes for Siberia - Siberian precocious

a little more than three months.

Average fruit weight 125 g., some grow up to 350g. Tomatoes flat-rounded, delicious flesh. Great variety of tomatoes for growing in Siberia.

Of hybrids I would like to mention the seeds of firms «Semko» and «the Siberian garden«. Tried to grow different varieties of tomato.

All proved to be at the proper level, declared characteristics of the manufacturers is fully paid off. Does not use often due to the fact that you have to buy seeds every year, and in bag they are very few.

Describes the varieties of tomatoes are tested personally and are suitable for growing in Siberia.

Video is the Best tomato varieties for Siberia


Video Siberia Tomatoes for open ground


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