The best protection against mosquitoes in the summer at the cottage


the best defense against mosquitoes

Year on year is not necessary, but if the spring was warm, and it’s hot and humid weather is likely to stay at their summer cottage will not be quiet due to the invasion of mosquitoes.

Under such favorable conditions, they will be dark, especially if there is a nearby pond. An experienced vacationer to prepare for a «war» in advance.

Everyone chooses the best ways to protect against mosquitoes that are time tested and once saved from these insects.

Protection from mosquitoes

Repellents are used to scare away pests, is applied to the exposed parts of the body or clothing. Available in gel, cream, spray or pencil.

Each type has its positive qualities and negative, but they do not contain harmful components. A common drawback of all repellents have a short duration, a maximum of 1.5 hours.

Also, manufacturers are offering mosquito repellent to use, ultrasonic repellents and fumigants.

Ultrasonic repeller creates a look of alarm males in the range from 4.8 KHz to 7kgc, and thereby deters females, some males feed on flower nectar and are not interested in people.


The disadvantage of this device in a small range and the sound it makes affects sensitive people.

Fumigants act on the principle of fumigation, that is, when the heating plate or coil starts to produce insecticides (slightly toxic compounds), which are not transmitted by mosquitoes.

By the way, people they are also a positive influence, and can cause malaise, headache.

The principle of operation is known to all if only I had a socket with power supply. Recently gaining popularity of the liquid electropolisher.

The lack of protection against mosquitoes with the help of fumigants obvious, you can only use them indoors, outdoors they are useless.

Folk remedies from mosquitoes

All of the above described methods utilize a chemical components, I’m for several years, using only traditional remedies without chemicals. In my opinion, is the best protection against mosquitoes at the cottage.

Bloodsucking mosquitoes and annoying flies, like almost all insects are sensitive to smells. So the country can plant plants insect repellents that will repel these pests.

The smell of tomato leaf repels mosquitoes and flies. Enough to plant under the Windows of several bushes, and into the house, they will not fly. Another existing plant from insect Caucasian chamomile. Dried inflorescences and stems of the flowers to kill insects, the scent they get away.

Oil of clove, eucalyptus and anise can lubricate the exposed parts of the body, it is also possible to moisten a napkin and hang it on the window and front door

protection from mosquitoes

opening. Be sure it is a reliable protection against mosquitoes.

But the smell of cedar oil causes run away even cockroaches.

If the whole blood-sucking hordes, it is better to use carbolic acid, or a decoction of the roots of Wheatgrass. Enough to hang near the bed a piece of cloth soaked in a weak acid solution, and the night will pass quietly.

Decoction of couch grass, you can wash your face and wet body. To prepare the solution, enough for one and a half liters of water to fill a handful of the roots of this plant and boil 3-4 times, so the broth was light yellow in color.

After that, strain and cool tool for protection against mosquitoes ready.Video protection from mosquitoes

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