The best green manures for soil nutrition

The best green manures for soil nutrition

The problem of soil improvement exist for so many centuries, how many there are and agriculture.

For example, the first written mention of the use of fertilizers can be found in Homer’s «Odyssey».

From the era in the era of improved agricultural technology.

In our time there is no need to fill the storerooms of a large set of nutrients – enough to buy concentrated preparations, the content of the full range of minerals and vitamins.

But chemistry is chemistry, and natural fertilizers continue to occupy a major place in the technology of care of the land. And the best for soil nutrition continue to be considered as green manure crops.

A few words about cover crops

If you look at Wikipedia and read what the green manure, it becomes immediately clear how useful they are in horticulture.

«Green manures» are grown not in order to reap your harvest or put food on the cattle. They germinated with a single purpose – to close spaces in the soil to improve its properties.

In these plants contains large amounts of trace elements and other necessary soil components. But especially valuable green manure crops that enrich the soil with nitrogen.

And not even the plants themselves are doing, and their «tenants» — nodule bacteria. I settled on the roots, they in the course of their life make the soil sometimes up to 100 kg of nitrogen per 1 ha, which is not so little.

In parallel, natural fertilizer clean the site from malicious weeds and repel pests, and are, therefore, also «guards» the garden.

Among the other plants best green manure crops – lupine, alfalfa, radish, rye, nettle, vetch, phacelia.

The best green manure crops

Green manure is a «live» compost directly into the garden. Sown, cultivated and plowed green – easily turned into leaf mulch. The most popular, according to truckers the best, cover crops are described below.

1. Lupin is the leader among green manure. It not only enriches the soil with minerals, but also completely changes for the better its structure.

It bacteria living in the roots of this plant, giving the soil the highest percentage of nitrogen than other green manures.

Green shoots of Lupin by chemical composition can be compared with the large chunks of manure. Lupin in agriculture use on an industrial scale.

2. Similar properties and is credited with seradella. But in industry it is used in smaller quantities than Lupin.

3. Luzern have a deep penetration of root systems into lower soil layers. Thanks to this active nutrients rise to the surface of the earth.

This property is often used in undeveloped areas for their cultivation. Alfalfa is sown on prepared beds after the harvest of vegetable crops.

4. More compound fertilizer is the nettle. In addition to nitrogen makes it into the soil and other components in large quantities.

Nettle is also a protection of the beds from slugs and snails. But don’t the green manure to land in areas designated for onions and garlic they have a mutual «dislike».

5. Rye effectively used for the loam, structuring the soil lighter and more friable. In addition to its nutritional properties yet and phytosanitary, coping with various plant diseases. Where will be planted rye, do not have to deal with the weeds.

The best green manure crops

For beginning gardeners, the best green manure is a plant grown their legumes.

These include soybeans, lentils, peas, beans, beans and more.

But the leaves of these green manure contains a very large amount of nutrients, so do not all the collected mass of greenery buried in the ground, so as not to oversaturate it.

It is part of tops to send in a compost pit.

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