The best breeds of goats — names and description

breeds of goats

Worldwide, there are over a hundred different breeds of goat.

Most often they are classified based on the production characteristics, but breed these animals it is better to consider performance.

All breeds of goats are divided into 4 categories: meat, milk, wool and feather.

Breeds of goats

 Meat goats

«Boer». This beef breed is considered the best. The young may weigh 90 to 100 kg and an adult animal grows from 100 to 135 kg

The Boer goat has a short white coat, and head and neck are painted in shades of brown.

The Boer breed is characterized by simplicity. It is well withstand the heat.

Breeding goats of this breed is not difficult, even if the pasture scarce plants, animals «skillfully» work up weight. Goats have a pretty easy-going demeanour.

Also they are very prolific and show tender care for their offspring, which is rapidly gaining weight.

The group is also a meat breed «Kiko» and «Greek».


Dairy breeds of goats

«Sharenska». This breed holds the record in the daily and yearly milk yield, and is considered the best in the dairy direction.

The adult goat has a body weight less than 57 kg, maximum 90 kg. White color, absence of horns and the short is a typical symptom of Saanen.

In goats are well developed udder, so daily milk yield can be up to 6 L. during the whole lactation period, the goat can give 600-780 L.

Interestingly, this breed of goats skillfully spends energy feed. In other words, eating the food, the energy goes to milk production, not to increase weight.

Goat has almost no smell and it is often used to improve the surrounding rocks.

Also dairy breeds include Alpine, «white Russian», «Nubian» and «Toggenburger».

Feather goat

«Kashmiri». Down among the Kashmir breeds better not to find. Externally, the goat is similar to the Angora breed, but a little longer and a little below it.

The same long coat, but in Kashmiri breed is prized undercoat.

Fluff goat keeps the body warm, very light and soft. Associated with such a down shawl, you can freely navigate through the ring.

Wool often has whitish with yellow tinge, but occasionally brown or black.

Wool goats

«Angora». The quality of wool, Angora is the best. Apparently this goat is very similar to sheep.

Representatives of this breed are thick and heavily covered with long waves or coachmen wool.

The weight of goats ranges from 41 to 66 kg, while wool can be from 5 to 6 kg

breeds of goats

the Angora breed of goats, the wool is so thin that it made the finest woolen products.

This breed has only white fur.

Goats can easily tolerate heat and suppliers of quality meat without any smell.

To the wooly goats are also «Gorno-Altai», «Soviet», «Tajik» and «Orenburg».

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