The benefits of watermelon

A'na koryst Kavun

The watermelon came from Africa and gained a lot of market share.

This berry has a great demand among buyers, but many do not realize what benefits to our body brings forth a watermelon. Try to understand.

The composition of watermelon includes a lot of minerals and vitamins, more than 10% of glucose, sucrose, fructose contains in this berry.

Watermelon seeds are rich in vitamin D also, they have a fat content similar to almond oil. Watermelon quenches thirst and contains a small amount of calories.

The benefits of watermelon

 The benefits of watermelon seeds

Composition of watermelon seeds like pumpkin seeds. A decoction of the seeds with milk helps in jaundice, from a variety of inflammatory processes, helps to stop the bleeding.

Also used as seasoning for meat or fish in any form. They give food a refined and specific taste.

Watermelon infusion on the seeds well throw heat and reduces fever. For cosmetic purposes, distributed masks from seed that is mixed and rubbed with various oils to make a thick slurry.

This composition is applied on the skin and not washed off for 20 minutes. As additives can be kneaded in the mixture of egg yolk or honey.

The benefits of watermelon rind

Dry crusts prepared broths, which help in the kidney disease, heart, help to get rid of excess swelling and relieve the pain of rheumatism.

If you make a thick crust to his temples, the headache subsides. An excellent diuretic agent is a powder of watermelon rind. The green layer is the peel finely cut, dried in the oven, and then dry crust finely grind.

This powder is taken every day with water. Also of crusts you can prepare a face mask that promotes cell regeneration, improves skin color.

Useful properties of the pulp of watermelon

Watermelon flesh relieves itching, helps with allergies and skin diseases, simply put a piece on the problematic area of the skin.

This is the best diuretic that promotes the excretion of harmful substances from the body, improves the digestive process, helps to get rid of excess weight, having preventive actions when

A'na koryst Kavun

atherosclerosis, reduces cholesterol in the body.

This article shows that the watermelon has a wide application in the medical purposes.

It not only helps from ailments, but also has a positive effect on the whole body.

This berry has almost no contraindications.

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