The benefits of garlic for the human body

The benefits of garlic

Garlic is an integral component of many national cuisines of the world.

But I appreciate it not only as a spicy seasoning – this culture has a number of medicinal qualities.

Especially high in vegetable content of volatile production.

Thanks to bactericidal properties are due to the use of garlic.

Impact on health

In addition to volatile production garlic also contains other useful substances: enzymes, saponins, carotene, a large amount of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates (including inulin), acid, mineral salts (phosphorus, potassium, iron).

Due to such structure the benefits of garlic to human health is invaluable. It can be used to combat microbes and worms, to treat hemorrhoids, multiple sclerosis or even a tumor. The garlic will help relieve pain and inflammation and to heal wounds and calm the fever.

No such viruses and bacteria, which would not resist the garlic diphtheria bacilli, dysentery and tuberculosis, staphylococci, and streptococci, vibrios pair cholera, typhoid, Trichomonas, and many others. Cope spicy vegetable and where antibiotics are powerless.

Water-salt metabolism, blood sugar level, normalization of pressure, muscle tone, restful sleep, clarity of thought and appetite, all the garlic would be out of place, leading to normal functions of the body.

In the topical application of its juice will help to stop hair loss and even increase hair growth. With it is removed corns and warts, as well as reduce inflammation of insect bites.

Rubbing the juice into the whiskey, you can take away the headache. And garlic paste to replace the mustard.

Application in pharmacology

Most volatile active contained in garlic – allicin. It is extracted from fruit distillation. And it is found in some medicines.

  • «Allistat» is prescribed for hypertension and fermentation in the stomach.
  • «Allavida» being treated for severe degree of atherosclerosis (similar to «Antichain» is also a derivative of garlic).
  • «Allohol» has a great impact on the gastrointestinal tract and the liver.
  • «Ultrafit» is a great vitamins that support the immune system.

Become very popular to use in recent times «Garlic capsules (also called pearl). And all because they affect the body holistically, encompassing all the problems


Despite the fact that the benefits of garlic are fairly obvious, it should be used with caution.

The benefits of garlic

Fresh it is necessary to limit the use of the product to 3 cloves per day in diseases such as hypertension and cardiac neurosis.

And epilepsy and severe forms of diseases of the internal organs to exclude from power. Lactating and pregnant are not recommended as drugs on the basis of garlic.

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