The benefits and harms of eggplant

The benefits and harms of eggplant

Currently, the eggplant is not very popular in our kitchens.

The thing is that this vegetable has a bitter taste, therefore to use it in its raw form is virtually impossible.

For this we have to sprinkle the eggplant with salt, then a good pressing.

However, there are modern varieties that this procedure is not required.

With selection displayed a variety of eggplants, differing in shape, color and size. In Russia most often grown eggplant that has a purple color rind.

Cooking this vegetable is appreciated for the peculiarity of the absorption of various fats and sauces, making dishes with eggplant hearty and high in calories.

Chefs in different cuisines of the world love to braise them, fry, bake with other vegetables or meat, pickling and rinsing.

The benefits and harms of eggplant


Due to the large range of nutrients, the eggplant – just a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. B vitamins have a positive effect on the nervous system, and Nasunin that contains in the skin, protects cells and relieves insomnia.

In the prevention of colds or flu is enough to eat one eggplant, the body receives a dose of vitamin C needed to protect the body from harmful microorganisms. This vegetable contains large amounts of calcium, iron, phosphorus, copper, zinc.

It also contains folic acid, in connection with which it is used by pregnant women. In connection with the low-calorie of eggplant helps to reduce weight.

Those who are using it during a diet, you need to cook this vegetable or baked, as frying time is saturated in fatty oils, which negatively affects health status.

Despite the many useful properties of the eggplant has a number of contraindications. At pathologies of gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, bowel disorders, ulcers) to eat this vegetable is not recommended.

Also should not be used in a large number of eggplant diabetics, because it contains

The benefits and harms of eggplant

large amounts of carbohydrates.

Special attention should be paid overripe eggplants as they tend to accumulate the toxic substance solanine, which leads to poisoning.

Identify poisonous vegetable can be in the brown colour of the rind, lots of seeds inside, and flabby stalk.

In any case, before use any kind of eggplant cut into slices and soak for 30 minutes in salt water.

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