The beneficial properties of the BlackBerry

BlackBerry useful properties

Probably, the BlackBerry itself is rich in vitamins berry, its beneficial properties are known to many.

No wonder nature has invested in this berry, the minerals and acid in such a balanced way that contraindications to the use almost none.

Unfortunately, BlackBerry does not take proper place in our gardens in suburban areas, apparently associated with wild relative, and growers are in no hurry to buy the Bush for cultivation along with other crops.

But put this amazing berry, you can enjoy a «vitamin complex» throughout the year.

It is good that in the preparation of jams, compotes and other procurement types, the berry does not lose its valuable qualities, that is, all the nutrients remain in the cooked product.

Another positive factor in the storage of fresh berries, blackberries are perfectly stored in the refrigerator for several months.

Externally, the BlackBerry is very similar to raspberries, the leaves are almost identical, the shape of the berries the same, only BlackBerry has the color of the berries of a darker color, almost purple.

Berries its texture is more dense, which is very convenient at harvest and transport crops. Fruits begin to ripen in June and with the warm weather lasts until October.

To date, displayed many varieties of this berry, with small or soft thorns, without thorns, the berries have a different tone color, but in taste the particular difference, because the nature already put everything you need.

BlackBerry has many medicinal qualities, used for the same purposes as do the berries, and the leaves, twigs and even roots.

BlackBerry not only has useful properties, but one of the most comfortable» of plants, this shrub does not require much attention and care, only correct planting and pruning.

Put it like currants, that is, planting depth, watering, the distance between the bushes.

The only difference is that for BlackBerry need support, trellis or you can just put near the fence, get decor and a good harvest.

Cut the Bush so to give the form of a fan, it makes it easier to harvest.

Stems that fruited this year, but next year dry up, they need to be cut.

Even the blackberries pruned for a large crop of berries, but here it is necessary not to overdo it, if you cut more of the stems, the plant will expend energy on building green mass, which will affect the quality of the berries.

Because of their red color of the leaves (in autumn), the shrub has many legends associated with biblical themes and mythology, because people can not get past the flaming in the snow of the Bush.

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