The beneficial properties of purslane, its cultivation and planting

garden purslane (vegetable)

The purslane was grown in ancient times for the treatment of many diseases.

In our time, also using the beneficial properties of this spice.

It is used in folk medicine for the prevention of diseases of the liver, kidneys, to improve sleep, relieve inflammation from bee stings and so on.

It is also used for cooking various dishes.

Planting and cultivation of purslane does not require specific skills and is available to even novice gardeners.

Purslane vegetable is an annual spicy-vegetable plant. Composition rich in trace elements (copper, zinc, iron), microelements (magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium), fatty acids and vitamins, but that’s not the end of its useful properties.

Not recommended for permanent use for people with high blood pressure. Stems fleshy, erect, up to 40cm., the leaves are thick, yellow flowers are small.

This spice is very productive, purslane provides a year, about 3 million seeds, which remain suitable for planting several decades.

For growing purslane vegetable used 4 varieties: poppy, Firefly, kuzminska, Semko, a Paradox.They differ in the timing of maturation and colour. For planting choose a well-lit area.

It is desirable that the precursors were: potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes or cabbage, these plants after the soil is great for growing purslane and does not require any additional fertilizer.

After a shallow digging, breaking up lumps and level

garden purslane (vegetable)

the hradecka. These are produced in the second decade of may depending on weather conditions.

Seeds lay no deeper than 1-1,5 cm and watered. In the line a distance of 4-5 cm between rows 35-40cm.

Seedlings of the plant at a temperature of 15-20o C., should appear within a week.

Growing purslane, it is not necessary to forget about care.

Timely weeding, watering the soil and its tillage, the key to getting a good harvest of the spice.

In the middle of summer, when it reaches the length of shoots 15-20 cm plant can be cut for harvesting for the winter.

In good weather it is to fall to give another crop. For winter storage the greens are washed, dried and placed in packages in the freezer.

For seeds of purslane vegetable, leave a few shoots before the advent of containers. It is also important not to delay the collection.

Boxes of seeds are cut as soon as they turn yellow and dried up them at home on paper.

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