The beneficial properties of Basil grown in your favorite country

the beneficial properties of Basil

Basil – an annual plant that is well known to many gardeners.

Use it in cooking, both fresh and dried.

Growing this spice in their suburban gardens, not all people know about the beneficial properties of Basil, because this plant has a wide range of effects on human health.

He possesses antifungal, bactericidal, disinfectant properties, strengthens the immune system, nervous tissue, normalizes sleep and memory.

The beneficial properties of Basil

Even the smell of this spice is able to protect from infectious diseases, and a few leaves added to food to kill germs. For example, in India Basil is considered a sacred plant.

The beneficial properties of Basil are vitamin A, B2, PP, C, carotene, rutin and phytoncides.

In addition, the stems and leaves of herbs accumulate essential oils, tannins, acid saponin, glycosides and methyl-chavicol.

Due to the presence of evangola, camphene, cineol eases breathing in asthma and decreases inflammation.

Generally this plant has an effective action in the treatment of almost all types of respiratory diseases.

With lung disease help Vitamin C, Mangal, camphene and cineole. These components are also effective in the treatment of cancer and tuberculosis.

On the cardiovascular system beneficial effect have antioxidants that protect against free radicals, and oils help to reduce the cholesterol in the blood.

Due to potassium normalizes blood pressure due to stress may not be stable.

Due to its beneficial properties Basil destroys up to 99% of bacteria in the mouth and it heals ulcers. Kills the bacteria causing plaque, caries, stone and an unpleasant smell.

It also strengthens the gums, however, prolonged contact with the leaves of this plant can be harmful, so it is recommended better to use the broth.

A popular tool among gardeners grow Basil, there is a tea, it is very useful and pleasant to the taste. Besides, it is recommended to men to enhance potency.

Tea take a handful of leaves, rinse them thoroughly and finely chop. Then fill them with one liter of water and boil.

After straining and cooling the broth is ready to use. You can add honey.

Remember the beneficial properties of Basil, and excessive use can have a negative impact, therefore, first consult with your doctor.

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