The attic insulation from the inside with your hands

The attic insulation from the inside

To the attic space was comfortable and cozy, particularly for the winter period, require insulation.

Further speech will go about the insulation inside the attic.

And no matter how nicely it was not written that the process of warming is absolutely not difficult, you should know that this is not so simple, but at desire it is possible and even without assistance.

The attic is to a greater extent than other room loses heat, because in the room there is air gap.

In the process of insulation need to follow strict regulations and guidelines of experienced professionals. Otherwise, ignoring one of them can lead to fungal structures and mouldy. In addition, improper insulation space can siphon.

So, all the work will be done independently. For warming it is possible to apply various insulation materials. It can be rottsimba wool, which comes in rolls or slabs.

You can also buy expanded polystyrene, Styrofoam, fiberboards, etc. are considered the basic characteristics of a material, because each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, there is a difference in price range.

The most budget option for insulation inside the attic is fiberglass. Its insulated walls and roof.

Despite the fact that glass wool is not expensive, working with her is problematic. This requires special protective clothing, goggles or face shield, gloves and shoes.

All of these things after work should be thrown out because the glass dust is very dangerous for health. And attempts to clean the clothes from dust will not lead to a positive result.

Much easier to work with fiberboards and plastic. And still the leader in the list of insulators is mineral wool.

This environmentally friendly product, it does not infest rodents, perfectly keeps heat and sound insulation performs the function. The stacking process as simple as possible.

First is waterproofing of roofs, starting with the lower part of the roof. The tape is placed overlapping for about 10 cm. the joints are secured with mounting tape.

On the walls you want to leave the edge with margin, after work excess film can be cut. Between the roof and the film should remain a ventilation gap. But the film itself is attached to the roof surface.

As fastening strips, which are nailed to wooden supports. The next layer will go rottsimba wool. The material is laid tightly to the pillars, avoiding the formation of cracks.

The attic insulation from the inside with your hands

In the process of attic insulation from inside with mineral wool is not allowed to use foam to fill prodelin.

The leaves should be cut 5-10 cm wider than the interval between rafters, then the wool will fit tightly and gaps will not.

After the work on laying mineral wool will fail on its surface is placed paroizoliruyuschimi membrane. It should be applied overlap, and to strengthen from the inside staples. You can then begin lining the walls.

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