The art of bonsai tree in the apartment and dacha

bonsai tree

Bonsai the art of growing a small copy of this tree.

The exact translation is «grown in a tray».

Business is a complicated and time consuming, but very fun, and the end results are admirable friends and relatives.

By their nature, bonsai is not intended for cultivation in the residential environment, perfect location in the summer will be a suburban area or a balcony, in the winter, of course, the bonsai tree better to bring it home.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to keep the plant outdoors, because the selection of plants should be approached carefully.

Everything counts, on which side of the window, temperature conditions, humidity, soil composition. Also the choice of plants depends on the future size of the tree and select a style.

dimensions bonsai

Bonsai are genetically dwarf plants, therefore, cultivation will fit almost any tree species.

To limit the growth and giving some form, different methods are used, nipping, pruning of branches, the use of certain groups of useful elements to control and redirect the growth of the tree, pruning the roots, leaf removal, etc.

Unfortunately, to grow a bonsai tree can happen immediately, have to learn through trial and error and the first copies can be lost, so better to start with plants, not rare species.

In the spring, after the snow, under the maples in the ground, you can choose a few germinated seeds and plant them in bowls. These seeds are already hardened and more tenacious. In the future they can be used to instill various forms of Japanese maples.

Bonsai for perfect seedlings of larch, lilac, pine, yew, Myrtle, Chinese juniper, pomegranate.

Pick plants that are resistant to climatic conditions and can survive in the indoor environment. Do not choose bonsai trees with large leaves.

The soil should consist of three elements of humus, clay and sand. It is better to buy the ready mix at the store.

On the bottom of the tank as drainage need to pour coarse sand, it will not allow moisture to stagnate and rot the roots.

Another indispensable element of moss that must grow in the soil, not artificially to gain a foothold on it.

To do this, the surface of the soil to support in a slightly damp and moss over time will grow naturally.

It loves acidic soil, so the water preferably acidified with citric acid (a few crystals for 250g of water).

Watering the bonsai tree will often, perhaps even several times a day. It all depends on the humidity in the apartment.

The water should be soft, settled and warm. Ideal-rain water. Increased rigidity can be detrimental to moss, but to better spray the plant with distilled water to the leaves did not appear stains and plaque.

For formation of a tree used in several ways. The main is circumcision. Using this procedure, form the basis of the tree, reduce the length to encourage the emergence of new growth points, branching.

Crop updates the leaf crown, while their number increases and the size decreases. The formation of a bonsai depends on the chosen style. There are more than 10 styles.

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