The aporia Crataegi measures

The aporia Crataegi

The aporia Crataegi is one of the most common pests of woodlands and Forest of the country.

Butterfly boyaryshnitsy for trees are not dangerous as it feeds on nectar of flowering weeds, but its caterpillar is causing great harm to fruit crops.

Suffering from it are fruit trees: Apple, cherry, cherry, hawthorn, plum, walnut, apricot, sloe, bird cherry, Rowan.

For the season the caterpillars boyaryshnitsy capable of destroying a tenth of the leaf landings, leaving only the tough veins, which are subsequently used for making nests.

One Mature caterpillar in mid-summer gives about 500 eggs, placing them on the top of the sheet.

Butterfly aporia Crataegi have average dimensions of wings, a wingspan of 65 mm. they are Painted in milky white color with a delicate network of dark brown or black streaks.

The caterpillars of the younger generation have gray-brown bodies, black head and thoracic departments. Adults grow to 45 mm in length, have black and orange stripes along the body, covered with hairs.

The over-wintered caterpillars boyaryshnitsy during flowering of fruit trees out of the nest and begin the destruction of young buds, then the buds and leaves.

In the middle of the season after the postponement of the colony egg caterpillar turns into a cocoon from which two weeks later hatches into a butterfly.

Young caterpillars boyaryshnitsy overwinter in nests arranged of skeletal leaves, woven webs. Nests are clearly visible after leaf fall.

Measures to deal with aporia Crataegi

To deal with caterpillars boyaryshnitsy are 3 ways:

  • — mechanical;
  • — biologically;
  • — chemically.

The mechanical method consists of collecting the nests of caterpillars, settled for the winter. After leaf fall collect them with your hands or with pruning shears, removing the affected branches.

In the summer you can destroy the caterpillars boyaryshnitsy early in the morning when they are inactive, shaking the tree. Sleepy pests fall on the spread the film and immediately incinerated.

A natural method of dealing with aporia Crataegi there are birds. Therefore growers it is advantageous to attract insect-eating birds. So tit is able

The aporia Crataegi - come, borotba

destroy 90% of the tracks in the cold of winter, when there is a lot of snow.

Summer biological enemy boyaryshnitsy be riders who are parasitic on the body of the caterpillar. Gardeners can reduce the number of butterflies boyaryshnitsy timely eradication of weeds, whose nectar is food for insects.

In the spring, early flowering trees, they are sprayed with insecticides (metafoam, hlorofosom, nitrafena or mutationem).

In addition, good results with chemical method of struggle are drugs, which are based on diflubenzuron.

It is safe for the environment and allowed the world Health Organization.

In the period of mass invasion of caterpillars, you can use antibacterial drugs to fight them. Spraying in this case is carried out in the summer, after the emergence of a new generation of Barisic eggs.

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