Than brick house

brick house siding

After completion of the construction of the walls and roof, the question arises,»what to coat the house?«

The task for the vacationers is not a simple veneer of suburban homes should be beautiful, cheap, durable, and if you are building with your own hands, it is still simple.

To piece it all together does not always work, have to do and to sacrifice something.

Let’s consider the most common options.

Than brick house

The familiar and reliable covering of a country house, wood paneling or timber imitation. Material compared to other cheap, installation available, you can coat a house with his own hands, without attraction of experts. The only drawback of periodic maintenance.

The following material on the availability and complexity of installation of the siding or plastic panels. Cost costs are the same

brick house siding

as obelezavanje tree care is almost not needed.

May subsequently occur not of pleasantness, and all because of our climatic conditions. In extreme cold, plastic becomes brittle, and the sun burns out, and sometimes warp. Therefore, it is once again all to weigh and consider.

brick house stone

Brick and block building with a sturdy and stable base and can be lined with natural or artificial stone.

This material is of course more expensive than the previous, but he is hardy, and manufacturers claim that the service life of about 150 cycles.

This material is good brick house of silicate blocks, and to reduce pollution of the facade and increase the frost resistance, is further coated with water repellents.

Another option brick a brick house. Method not

brick house - brick

cheap, like stone cladding. The brick is heavy enough, this should be considered before the construction of the garden, and pour a Foundation with the additional weight on him.

In this case, it is better to trust the professionals. Buy facing bricks, we need the whole garden house, from one party, or when the rebuy shade may vary significantly.

As with stone, it is best to treat it with water repellent. Before facing the house, the old walls should be covered in an antiseptic, especially wood.

brick house - sandwich panel

The last of the popular methods of cladding, facade thermopanels. They are also called sandwich panels. Made of high quality Styrofoam and ceramic tiles.

This material is lightweight, suitable for lining almost any building. Installation is not difficult, can be done by hand.

The only problem that may arise oblitsevat wooden walls of the cottage, they by this material will be dry.

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