Tetrastigma (grapes room) — care at home

Tetrastigma (grapes room)

Trudging grapes can decorate not only the exterior facade is original look at the design of the rooms is curly around the perimeter of the walls and ceiling of the tree vines.

This room grapes, native to Southeast Asia, is called Tetrastigma Voigne.

«Room grapes» differing little in appearance from the wild, in captivity rarely blooms and, of course, does not bear fruit.

To the conditions of existence Tetrastigma not demanding, but it does not mean that the plant is not necessary to provide proper care.

Tetrastigma Voigne — care at home

 Location and lighting

For the development of tetrastigma you must provide enough free space below the stems, vines can smoothly climb up walls.

The location of the plant should be determined not by the sill: young grapes can be put on the wardrobe and the more Mature it is better to allocate a solo table near the wall.

In this position the vine needs so that she has enough light in the shaded areas, the plant develops poorly. But getting on the tetrastigma direct sunlight should be avoided.


Room grapes – heat-loving plants. So in the winter you must make sure that the room temperature does not fall below +18°C. But in the summer tetrastigma even in the indoor environment can withstand any heat.

And constantly protect the flower will have from changes in temperature. Therefore, the first plant should be installed in such a place, so that when the ventilation Tetrastigma do not fall into the area of the draft.

Tetrastigma watering and humidity

Like any heat-resistant plant tetrastigma stoically endures the dry air. But this does not mean that the grape does not like moisture.

On the contrary, the plant feels more comfortable that when sufficient humidity. So from time to time, the flower should get a light «rain».

Watering the plant at home you need to as drying of the upper layer of earth in the hot season is abundant, winter – in moderation. The water containing chlorine can not be used!


As soon as tetrastigma grows, the problem arises not only with her change, but also shaping in a barrel of fresh soil substrate.

Therefore, Mature plants definitely need more regular fertilizing. In the period of active growth bedroom the grapes are fed a special mineral-organic products every 7 days. In winter, the time between feedings should be increased in 2-3 times.

Transplantation and propagation of tetrastigma

While the plant is young, it should be transplanted every year, each time in a larger pot. «Adult» is the same individual already not transplanted, only add to the capacity of the plant in the ground.

The growth of vine should be formed to tidy the plant by cutting the shoots with knots. These are propagated by cuttings and tetrastigma. Escape (preferably with 2 nodules) planted immediately in the ground or first root in water.

Pests and fight with them

The tetrastigma can also eat spider mites. And this is the result of lack of moisture in



To get rid of this pest is possible, arranging the young plant ample shower with hot water. The ripe flower will have to be treated with insecticide.

The same structure is recommended to deal with another pest – molochnica. The tool is applied with a brush on the affected places.

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